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  1. Who tried them?

    I looks like that it has combined liquidity from Currenex, Lava and Hotspot.

    Then it should be biggest ECN in the world?

    Is is true or not?
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    My friend is working for them. I personally like'em very much, especially "maximum slippage on market orders control" you can set the number of pips that you're willing to take in slippage. This feature is very useful for the news traders.
    Regarding liquidity.....well looking at the market depth....I wouldn’t say that Dukascopy offers much more liq. than Currenex.
  3. Dukascopy has HotspotFXI in their feed
    for sure, now it is not that clear anymore
    but a few months ago you could clearly see
    the exact same size of hotspot's half pip
    pricing in their feed.
  5. Yes Z-forex You are right. They have the biggest liquidity in the world.
    If you go on their homepage http://www.dukascopy.com, you can see their spread and liquidity
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    You guys are crazy to trade with DukasCopy. They are unregulated. Lord knows what could happen to your money. Look at those poor saps at Tradex Swiss. But, hey, it's your funeral.
  7. That didn't help Refco customers...
  8. That didn't help Refco customers...

    I only trade futures (regulated AND segregated, FWIW)
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    1....From experience Swiss EBK(USA analog SEC) not regulated Forex . Only complain to cantonal court
    Swiss moneylaundering authority alsov can not help
    in conflict with broker ,but broker can under any
    circumstance to make for you problem ,as calculated
    that person ,whic hinvest in Swiss will not publicity
    from tax point of view

    2. today by 20.54 GMT GBP/JPY by ducascopy demo
    volume of full book on each side was approx 30

    2.4 232.28 232.32 2
    by efxgroup was
    232.29 232.32

    by full volume approx 2100 blocks of GBP/JPY on each side
    (10 best bid -ask)

    EFX have more
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    RefcoFX was not regulated, which proves my point. Trading with these unregulated brokers is downright foolish. DukasCopy could vanish overnight and there isn't a thing you can do about it once your account vanishes along with them. Talk about NOT doing your Due Diligence. Sheesh.
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