Dukascopy S.A. - Who the Heck are These Guys

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    Just wondering, because noone seems to have any experience trading with them. Every time I open an industry publication it seems there is a bullet announcing a new development with this firm, and the developments sound pretty impressive. To name a couple, TA of Stocks and Commodities announces that ICAP/EBS is now feeding into the Duka ECN, wow, if true that is kind of a big deal. Citibank is offering a custodian service for trading with these guys. Not to mention that they seem to be taking out full back page ads with all the major industry publications.

    And then there is their website, pretty nice and looks like they are spending money on a lot of non essential stuff, which isn't actually the model for most scammers in this space. Access to decent bank research, nice calendars, their own web based TV........

    Then there is this.........Who are these guys? A small cap Swiss Socitie' Anonyme structure? which for those not in the know is a bearer share setup that isn't always used for the most honest of purposes. Of course, it looks like the principals are Russian, which in its self isn't automatically awful, but....coupled with the S.A. setup, makes one a little leary.

    Would just like some gossip about them, anything, anyone?
  2. Endorsed by Dmitri Chavkerov (Felix Homogratus), need I say more?


  3. What issue ?

    At least Dukascopy has some profitable managed accounts compared to the crooks of FXCM
  4. Are you implying that every business that has a name with "INC", "LLC", "LP", "LTD", "CORP",etc is more honest, transparent and upstanding than one with "SA"???


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    Dear, Fluttrader,

    The April 2009 issue, page 86, in the "trade news & roducts" section. Kind of suprised me. You need pretty good credit to clear trades through EBS I always thought. I don't know, I have always kind of viewed Duka with a jaundiced eye, but that kind of relationship makes me start wondering. Believe me, I am not trying to shill for them, just trying to get a handle on a firm I had always assumed was borderline all of a sudden clearing through EBS.

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    No of course not, but Switzerland + Bearer Share Corp + Russians + "Forex Broker" ........ I mean, come on, I think maybe you get my point. Don't be a retard.
  7. Have a look at this, pretty decent stuff...


  8. LOL , I was thinking the same
  9. hmmm...

    Nestlé S.A., Cham and Vevey (Switzerland)

    Maybe they're Russian too?


    I'm not buying any of their chocolate milk anymore!

  10. I am wondering too about these folks. They look good, but putting 50k with a company that has no guarantee, hmm. They appear highly regulated so that's good. I was watching the spreads this morning, at first very close to Oanda. Then GBP broker wild and Oanda went to 10 and Duk was 5
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