dukascopy or oanda or.......

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by pbb, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. pbb


    Hi there,
    I have been reading a lot on this board and still am not convinced which fx broker to choose to open a back-up account with (could transform to a prime account).
    I am currently happily trading fx and futures through Interactive Brokers and futures through Globalfutures.
    Lots of people are happy with Oanda, even though it's sometimes said to be a bucketshop (is it really?). Dukascopy has also come to my mind (it’s an ecn), but somehow I am not sure about that one too.
    Can anyone share their opinion about Dukascopy and Oanda, preferably someone with customer experience.
    Thanks, pbb
  2. Hittfeld


    My personal recommendation would be OandA, especially for someone otherwise happy with IB! Same philosophy: Quality, reliability, correctness at very reasonable costs, no gimmicks but api trading!

    Within the forex sector I alsways recommend MT4-bucketshop for charting/signals - but trading the very same through IB or OandA (Oanda for sub 30k orders).


    p.s. Oanda is NOT a bucketshop.
  3. pbb


    Will keep that in mind, thanks.