Due Diligence

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nutmeg, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I just finished reading the book "Blink". In one chapter they discuss food tasters/testors. If you wish to market a new potato chip or whatever, you submit it to this co for taste testing and comparisions.

    I just can't get over the fact that in testing an "Oreo" cookie they divided an Oreo cookie into 90 attributes of "appearance, flavor and texture". 11 of these factors are critical.

    It is a cookie, for chrissakes. Imagine though applying 90 attributes to an equity purchase. It may be practical to find 11 "critcal" points on a stock, but 90 factors?

    All I have to say is that is some major DD on nothing more than a cookie.

    Btw, the book has a few mentions regarding trading and the main topic of the book which is first impressions and how we process information.

    This is an information business and it is personal on how we make decisions based on how we process information.

    Another curious point was the fact that sometimes our first impressions are "gut" and "correct". When we try to verbalize or define our reasons for "gut" decisions we beat ourselves up over logic. This may prove noteworthy to value investors.
  2. Hey, thats nothin, you should look up the "sin eaters" of the not so distant past.

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  3. In the first half your post you champion detailed 'analysis', the last half 'whim'.

    make up your so called mind
  4. The "whim" is the logical conclusion of "detailed". We all exercise these judgements in some form or another completely unaware of how we reach these conclusions. The book explains why.
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