Due Diligence questionnaire to vet trading process

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    Trying to develop a pretty specific due diligence questionnaire to cover the mechanics of trading, order management, and execution system of trading groups we evaluate. A few typical questions are below but we are hoping to create something comprehensive, which the below certainly is not. Of course, trying to avoid reinventing the wheel.

    Can anyone share a more comprehensive list of due diligence questions for this area?
    In effort to reciprocate, let me know what I may do to help you out?

    Sample Due Diligence Questions - Trading and Execution Systems:
    • how signal is generated,
    • process for converting signal into order,
    • decision matrix on how/where order is routed,
    • how order is monitored/changed, etc.,
    • process for matching confirms against open orders,
    • process for end of day tri-party reconciliation of position against clearing firm, trading/order management software, and fund admin, etc.
  2. msls, I may be able to help. Let's PM.