Dude doesnt sound like he's stepping down

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  1. just say'n
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    Nope. It could get bloody now.
  3. Well that should be interesting for the markets.
  4. Uninstalling "Dictator"

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    Uninstall Aborted. Permission Denied.

    New Update Available. Press Enter To Install Sulleiman Update.
  6. Pharaoh Mubarak has spoken... Let the slaughter begin.
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    Mr. Mubarak, does the name "Ceausescu" ring a bell?
  8. He just assigned all of his duties to the VP. But Pspr is right, it is going to be messy. If the Army is not going to step in and overthrow this delusional man, there will be a lot of blood.
  9. there is something funny about the stupidity wall or stupidity gap... it's how some people when they are wrong have the tendency to accelerate just before the crash...


    Really they are attracted by the darkness as is light close to a black hole...

    it's maybe what was call in old Egypt the weight of souls...


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    The thing i dont get is why Mubarak wont step down. It is no longer an argument of who is better or who is worse. At this point the fact is that Mubarak and his family looted 70 billion from egypt, you would think they would be anxious to hang on to their loot, as there is no chance in hell they will hold control of egypt, It all seems pretty brazen in my eyes.

    Why cause a scene when you know your days are numbered anyways. These thieves could have made out like a burgalar in the midst of night, and kept all the dollars they have stolen. It just seems incredibly irrational at this point to try to hold on to an impossibility.
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