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  1. matsat


    Does any one have experiance with this broker and his forex platform.
    I am looking to have individual account with them with minimum requirements of founds.
    How does some one go about to have corporate account do you have to have special license or othere?

    Thank you for your Help
  2. Dan M G

    Dan M G

    to matsat

    what do you want to know about them?
    I have good experience with them. The only important thing is to understand their exe. Speak with a risk manager before trading live, they are nice and give good tips (such as slippage function, why to use, or placing as often as possible bid/ask).
    They are good, the only bad thing is that they do not allow give up.

  3. matsat


    Hey where could i find risk manager in dukascopy company or else? Have any recommendation.
    I read a lot of post and forums and a lot of opinion is that other country forex firms are less regulated then even USA with NFA & CFTC.
    So I am only sceptic with putting my money on there account. Does Dukascopy have any insurance bond? There minimum fund requirements is all my money so my legs are shaky.