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    Not exactly Harry Truman.

    I don't know how accurate this "resume" is, but it seems that while Clinton may have "disgraced the office", GWB is a disgrace to the office.

    Clinton's transgressions were of personal behavior while in office. It seems that GWB has managed to make a mockery of our system of checks and balances. And in the process proved how important "breeding" can be in our system of politics.

    Is there a chance in a trillion that this man would have become President if not for his familie's connections and money?

    I think his chances would have been less than zero.

    Having said that, I do admit to admiring the guy's ability to make the country feel better about ourselves on occasion. When he spoke at Ground Zero, he was at the very top of his game. I think when he is passionate about a subject and has no script, he is a wonderful communicator. When he does have a script, he can't deliver it.

    I saw his speech to the troops when he landed on the carrier last week. Really terrible. All he had to do is say something like "I should be applauding YOU". But no. The soldiers and sailors applauded him, and all they got in return was the usual goofy smile and self promoting cheerleading. And typically mangled pronunciation and garbled language. Can't he read? Or is he too busy to rehearse (even just read the speach to himself without moving his lips just once before delivering?).

    I am NOT a Bush hater. I just think he is not suitable for the office. Running this country is not like running a baseball team and having it (and a nice new stadium) funded by the taxpayers. It isn't (or should not be) about doing business for profit. Not much doubt at this point that the Iraqi war really was about OIL. And believe me, I was very pro-war on this one before it started. I guess like most of us, I took the bait. We now have the oil fields and haven't found the WMDs we ostensibly went their to find and justify the whole shebang. And, like Dubya's resume says, we don't know if Saddam is dead or living nicely on his 40 billion dollars (or whatever the amount is), and we still don't have a clue about UBL, who was going to be taken down "dead or alive". Very fitting that Dubya wears a cowboy hat.

  3. I'm not going to bother picking apart every item here, just one blatant lie that discredits this entire article:
    "With a policy of 'dis-engagement' created the most hostile Israeli-Palestine relations in at least 30 years. "

    The current Arab terror campaign began in Sep 2000- Before Bush was elected, and mostly due to the failed 'give them everything they want, and maybe they won't kill us as much' policies of the Israeli labor party. To attempt to blame Bush for this is just silly.
  4. Go to hell, you Arab-loving, anti-patriotic, commie loser, terrorist-sympathiser...

    God Bless America... don't mess with the world's most loved country... the entire world stands shoulder to shoulder with the USA against the Evil Ones... the world loves us, make no mistake about it... we rock!!
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    Candle, is this post for real? I thought you believed in America, the American Ideals, and the Constitution (as do I).

    I see nothing from this gal's posting to remotely imply she is
    "Arab Loving", "terrorist sympathizer" or a "commie". How did you infer this?

    Tell you the truth, (and I think you and I agree pretty much on politics in general), the scariest thing NOT MENTIONED in the "resume" is Dubya's seeming eagerness to do away with the separation of Church and State, Put this together with his previous records (both personal and public), and I do not get the sense this is a man worthy of the highest position of power in the world.

    I too, am a born and bred, red, white and blue American Patriot. The Star Spangled banner and "God Bless America" often bring tears to my eyes. Just as when I see a gold medal go to an American athlete (or team) at the Olymics...and hear our national anthem. Makes me feel so proud to be a citizen of the greatest nation on earth EVER.

    I served in the military (was drafted, but still proud to have served my country (though not in a "noble cause"), and I have encouraged my son to join the US Navy next month. And I could not be prouder.

    So, Candle, let's just say that the right to dissent is the right we are granted as Americans. One of our greatest freedoms. So I would certainly not be attacking this Michelle as "unpatriotic". All she is doing is expressing another view. Not even hers....just a reprint of someone else's (for amusement only?) take on Dubya's credentials....his "RESUME". I can tell you for sure that the Texas Rangers deal could not have been done without having your father as President. Buy a team cheap, get the taxpayers to built you a new stadium, and then sell the team (with the stadium) for a killing? Sounds too good to be true.

    Our economy speaks for itself, as does our rapidly declining popularity in the world's community.

    Peace, Brother Candle,
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    Gotta agree with you here. This is in no way something to blame on Bush. He, and particularly Powell, have been trying hard to find a "solution". Too bad Bush senior didn't make an equivalent effort. If he had, it is very likey this whole thing would have been settled LONG ago.

  7. seriously, candle - WTF? this is a joke, right?!

    if i hated this country, i'd be cheering dubya on!

    isn't it possible to love this country and hate its 'leadership'??

    especially if you're into little things, like...you know, freedom, peace, and economic vitality?
  8. Is it possible to love the country and hate the current leader, or think the current leader is not leading in the right direction?

    Is it possible to be a fan of a sports team, and not like the coach, and think the coaching staff sucks?
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    Excellent analogy!
  10. Fair enuf! I gotta agree with rs7 (oops, rs8.5, the dude upgraded) on this :D
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