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  1. Will Dubai be the next London, New York, in terms of being a financial hub of the world?
  2. I doubt it. How many are entrepreneurs?

    They should just create a seed fund for the next generation of trades instead of discretionary bets in idle sectors.
  3. Sobieski


    you can't open porn websites in Dubai.

    Big problem for them to overcome.
  4. You must have read the current issue of "BC Business", they have an article on a BC resident (Canadian) who is in Dubai now in the financial industry.
  5. Yes sir,

    You hit the ball on it, and when I started researching a bit more on dubai, it's just startling on all the various projects that they have there. There's even a project called 'Vancouver Towers', if I am not mistaken as well.
  6. Miami has lots of towers also.
  7. Too close to the asshole of the earth, Iran/Iraq, etc.
  8. fuck dubai