Dubai stock exchange

Discussion in 'Economics' started by The Kin2, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Anyone know how to open an account?
  2. maxpi


    You have to speak Dubainese.
  3. and drink..........

  4. I'm from Dubai, what advantage it has over other easily accessed and highly liquid international markets?
  5. None- I read you can't go short. Going short isn't Shariah compliant.
  6. I know one thing. Dubai is a western hub for taking middle east money.

    Because real state boom going to end within few years in Dubai, it's another way to take money from riches here and i don't think it's decent move considering avarge muslim can't deal with losing money or insecurity.

    Huge number of people lost all their assets in dubai financial markets recently, and already everyone saying it " Stock market is gambling". The problem is that majority these average people aren't educated about trading at all, and they want to buy and sell.

    Friends of mine wanted me to make a try, i refused taking part.
  7. what is the cheapest way to get timely Dubai issue information