Dubai Ports World: " CNN Won't Shut Up Lou Dobbs"...

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  1. Lou Dobbs reported today that "Dubai Ports World" officials have tried to silence him and get CNN to suppress his reports.

    Mark Dennis, spokesman for Dubai Ports World: " CNN won't shut up Lou Dobbs."

    They are refusing to give any more interviews to CNN or allow them to video tape their operations overseas. To CNN's credit they have refused to comply with their demands.

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  2. well, that request in its own is telling (if they are above board then they welcome any investigations)

  3. I saw some where that CNN is gaining market share and FOX is losing it. That is good news for america.
  4. Exclusive: Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott

    The parent company of a Dubai-based firm at the center of a political storm in the US over the purchase of American ports participates in the Arab boycott against Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

    The firm, Dubai Ports World, is seeking control over six major US ports, including those in New York, Miami, Philadelphia and Baltimore. It is entirely owned by the Government of Dubai via a holding company called the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCZC), which consists of the Dubai Port Authority, the Dubai Customs Department and the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area.

    "Yes, of course the boycott is still in place and is still enforced," Muhammad Rashid a-Din, a staff member of the Dubai Customs Department's Office for the Boycott of Israel, told the Post in a telephone interview.

    "If a product contained even some components that were made in Israel, and you wanted to import it to Dubai, it would be a problem," he said.

    A-Din noted that while the head office for the anti-Israel boycott sits in Damascus, he and his fellow staff members are paid employees of the Dubai Customs Department, which is a division of the PCZC, the same Dubai government-owned entity that runs Dubai Ports World.

    Moreover, the Post found that the website for Dubai's Jebel Ali Free Zone Area, which is also part of the PCZC, advises importers that they will need to comply with the terms of the boycott.

    In a section entitled "Frequently Asked Questions", the site lists six documents that are required in order to clear an item through the Dubai Customs Department. One of them, called a "Certificate of Origin," "is used by customs to confirm the country of origin and needs to be seen by the office which ensures any trade boycotts are enforced," according to the website.

    A-Din of the Israel boycott office confirmed that his office examines certificates of origin as a means of verifying whether a product originated in the Jewish state.

    On at least three separate occasions last year, the Post has learned, companies were fined by the US government's Office of Anti-boycott Compliance, an arm of the Commerce Department, on charges connected to boycott-related requests they had received from the Government of Dubai.

    US law bars firms from complying with such requests or cooperating with attempts by Arab governments to boycott Israel.

    In one instance, according to a Commerce Department press release, a New York-based exporter agreed to pay a fine for having "failed to report in a timely manner its receipts of requests from Dubai" to provide certification that its products had not been made in Israel.

    The proposed handover of US ports to DP World has provoked a political storm in Washington, where Republicans and Democrats alike have expressed hostility to the plan, citing national security concerns.

    In an attempt to stave off opposition, DP World agreed over the weekend to a highly unusual 45-day second federal investigation of potential security risks.
  5. This is a HUGH surprise to hear than CNN when asked to by a middle eastern entity, wouldn't censor Lou Dobbs.

    CNN is essentially a cheerleader and apologist for anything from the middle east. A few years before Saddam was removed from running Iraq, CNN had a big part in hiding some of his atrocities, apparently they didn't want to get kicked out of Iraq. Cristiana Anapour. CNN continually paints Palestinian suicide bombers as victims as well.

    Its interesting that CNN and those on the left are so against GWB's admin handing over the ports to the UAE, as I would have expected them to echo anything CAIR has to say on the subject. Its something I would have expected from the JKerry Adminstration . . .

    I am happy to see some Demo Senators come out so strongly against this, now I need to see more, like getting the GWB admin to close the US MExico border.
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    I think there is a bit more to this. You may remember that Lou Dobbs left CNN for a while. When he came back he began to editorialize more throughout his show instead just on his sign off. I suspect when he came back he worked a deal for editorial control of his program.

    If you followed his show, you would see how it has evolved more and more into a populist for the people type show a la bill o'reilly.

    Dobbs has learned lessons and evolved from a straight business show to infotainment. He has been hitting on that open boarders stuff for a long time.

    CNN probably has no desire to stop Dobbs from doing what he is doing.
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    Politically speaking, Lou Dobbs is probably the best thing the people of the U.S. have going for them.
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    Actually, they ARE victims (see that ^ suicide word up there?), as well perps.
  9. This Dubai deal bothers me.

    I don't really know why. I can't place my finger on it. There are lots of things that don't seem right to me, but when I put them all together, there is something else that bothers me.

    Something is missing, they are not telling us something is my intuition.

    To an extent, I feel like we are being blackmailed into this, as UAE is subtly sending it out that if we don't do this deal, they might close off their bases and access to us.

    Why would Dubai have done this deal in the first place, without having a very good sense that America was going to be okay with it?

    Is this some kind of a payoff to Dubai? Do we own them something for being out ally...assuming we really are, though I doubt they are our ally, I think they are just businessmen, who would turn on us in a dime if it was advantageous.

    What do other people feel about this deal?