Dubai Ports Deal - the last nail in the coffin?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dddooo, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Trust More on National Security

    President Bush: 41%
    Democrats in Congress: 43%

    For the first time ever, Americans have a slight preference for Democrats in Congress over the President on national security issues. Forty-three percent (43%) say they trust the Democrats more on this issue today while 41% prefer the President.

    The preference for the opposition party is small, but the fact that Democrats are even competitive on the national security front is startling. In Election 2002, the President guided his party to regain control of the Senate based almost exclusively on the national security issue. Dailies/Dubai Ports.htm
  2. The funny thing is, 24 out of 25 of the US largest ports are foreign owned. Foriegners, including Arabs, own a shitload of US companies and assets. Why is there such a uproar now, politicians see an opportunity for political gain and nothing else. Furthermore, had the administration been more open and made use of a planned PR campaign the wind would not be so great sails of Congress. It does not help that Bushs approval rating and public image have been hammered so much either. Had he had a broader support base in the public the sharks in Congress would not be so bold about this issue. Right now the political sharks smell the blood in the water and are in a feeding frenzy.
  3. I don't necessarily disagree with you but it was this administration that completely politicized national security, now they are simply getting what they bargained for, maybe a tad more.
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    I hear ya and don't get me wrong im not disagreeing with ya...but considering that only about 2% of all containers get a thorough check when entering a port in my back yard ( MIAMI PORT ), i feel a little hesitant turning over a gateway like this to an ARAB owned me crazy but i don't need the heat..peace
  5. That's probably a very true statement. They should have understood that dynamic and implmented a PR campaign instead of just dropping this out of the blue.
  6. It wasn't too confidence inspiring when Bush suddenly deployed the Ken Lay/Enron defense that he wasn't really in the loop.
  7. Yeah, this is probably going to be a major blunder on bush's part. It won't go through.