Dubai in default- Blame Bush and Cheney

Discussion in 'Politics' started by John_Wensink, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. This could get very ugly.

    Commerical real estate is the next to come crashing down.

    What will Barry do now? The manchurian candidate is in way over his head.
  2. It's all Bush's fault!

    These problems we are facing locally and throughtout the world have anything to do with the deregulation of the markets and the blurring of the lines from policies enacted in the 90's.

    Nothing at all.
  3. Actually it was Clinton era Fault, he was the one who eliminated the Glass-Steagal Act in 1999 and the one who made the famous "Housing act" in 1995.

    Government intervention has everything to do with this crisis, The Fed circus, Fannie Mae, Freedie Mac, Ginnie Mae, overregulated banking, insurance and auto industries and the Big government being business partners of a bunch of feudal asshole on wall street.

    Since Bill Clinton, almost every single Treasury secretary have been a former Goldman Sachs employee, No wonder why every NYSE chairman since Gasso departure also used to work for GS.

    Expensive oil? ask GS about the HUGE front running machine with those ETFs rollovers (by the way, they do broke those deals every single month to and do have a HUGE presence in the physical market including the vital freight market).
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    Your first sentence blames he repeal of Glass-Steagal and your second sentence blames overregulated banking.
  5. It's all Lincoln's fault!
  6. In my opinion, what caused the problem is that, two or so years ago, U.A.E, under the non negotiable instructions from Gates, invested 900 Billion dollars, via a sovereign fund that they created for that purpose, into the US equities market, which started its decline at the end of 2008 and crashed in March, 2009.
  7. I can accept this as long as they put Bush back in the Whitehouse to work on the problem
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    Bush's first Treas Sec - Paul O'Neill - affiliation: Alcoa

    Next - John Snow - affiliation: CSX

    Next: Paulson - Goldman

    Next: Tim Geitner - affiliation: Treasury since 1988

    I know you think Goldman is the puppet master here, but the facts don't support this part of your argument.
  9. f^ck, is my Dubai VISA card any good???