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    Hello! I hope this finds you well.

    I have been trading successfully for the past couple of years (US indices/ earnings), and I have been exploring a couple of strategies in the technical analysis side of trading. I am looking to join a mentorship program or a one on one arrangement so I can take my knowledge and trading skills to the next level.

    Please advise if you can offer insight or guide me in the right direction. I travel very often to Dubai and would love to meet up with traders in Dubai or virtually outside of Dubai to discuss potential opportunities that could benefit both sides.

    Thanks for taking time in reading this!
    Happy Trading and happy holidays! :)
  2. RedDuke


    I see these kinds of posts very often. Why would you think anyone who has valuable strategies would want to share???
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  3. ammari00


    I'm not looking for someone to share their hard work with me nor do I think it works that easy. Every person has his/her own trading style that best suit their personality, just like I collected all the information that I believed would help me during my time trading earnings and it paid off better than I had expected. However due to many factors in the American market beating expectations on earnings aren't reflecting well on the share prices. What I asked above and what I'm seeking is connecting with other day traders in or out of Dubai who are willing to offer some guidance/ mentoring to direct me towards the right direction in order for me to become better with technical analysis and advance my technical trading skills and not to hand over their strategy.
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    My question still stands, why would you think anyone worth its salt would do it???
  5. Overnight


    Why do they have to be located in Dubai in order for them to direct you in the right direction with technical analysis and advance your technical trading skills? Wouldn't it be easier to try to find them in your home country if ye be looking for a face-to-face?

    If contacting remotely, then the Dubai thing is just totally nonsensical.
  6. Handle123


    He could always tune into Cramer and listen how not to select stocks and have bells and noises to alarm the madness of choosing.
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  7. pipeguy


    What you can offer then in exchange? Any useful tip dropped by pro can generate a good stream of cash for you so the fair exchange (of knowledge or tips) is questionable.
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  8. I'd give the guy a break. Sometimes it is nice to be around other traders - simple as that.
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    Then the OP should have framed his inquiry as a desire to meetup with other traders rather than asking for a mentor. One should realize this is an internet forum. It is one thing to ask for advice in a post but to ask for someone to meet and help you in person without establishing any sort of credibility on the forum or offering value in some way just shows a lack of social awareness.
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    I'm surprised by the level of negativity on here. I had a simple inquiry and soon turned into a complete mayhem by almost everyone on here. It is absolutely absurd and incredibly rude to provide unsolicited advice and rude remarks with zero value. Given that this is an "internet forum" you could easily provide feedback that adds value instead of bashing and bullying others on here. Anything besides that, you should keep it to yourself! This has nothing to reflect on me but the vulgarity and bitterness will only keep those who share such remarks from getting anywhere they desire!
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