dual xeon ibm workstaion...who needs a dell???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chiguy, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. geringer


    That does look like a good deal... (of course I have been shopping dell.com).

    Brand New...Dual Xeon, 2GB RAM , etc etc ...

    Why so cheap ?


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  2. open corporate box...

    initial shipping damage...

    wrong item ordered...etc...

    i have been buying and upgrading these for years...

    a lot of people are not aware of these...

    sometimes they are refurbs also with a one year warranty...i just buy an extended warranty from ibm...not a third party and i get next day on site service and level 2 tech support for three years for around 250.00 usd...about 25 cents a day
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    If you could win the auction for around this price, it would be a good deal.

    However, most trading applications will work just fine on a lesser computer... all the extra is just overkill. You can easily run 4-8 monitors off of a $500-$600 rig.... not including monitors, of course.
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    For those not familiar with hardware....

    A recent mag article had Dell ranked...

    1. Average for hardware

    2. A bit below average on support/service

    3. Above average for cost/value
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  6. okay...hate to burst the technobubble...but i trade on two computers.

    Computer one Intel p4 1.8gig 1gb ram, cheap slow hard drive,

    Computer two: ibm thinkpad 570, pII 233 with 198mb ram.

    I have a sprint pcs broadband card for both computers (same card uses pcmcia slots and have adapter for desktop).

    I used two softwares, OMNIpro and Axis pro through nexa and penson.

    My account is up 45% over the last week using 25:1 intraday leverage and no overnights. That's 45% on equity not notional.

    It doesn't take a fast computer to put on trades, take them off, and make money.

    Yes, I can use a new laptop. But being the savvy cheapskate I am and wanting to earn the best return for my business, I will buy a used one on ebay just like I bought this laptop.

    I am sure I can use a new desktop too, but if there is anything I have learned over the past 7 years is that the minimum, most robust technology is the best. My trading conneciton doesn't use vpn or whatever the newer secure connection is so I guess I can continue to run on these older machines for a while.

    I also run my daily scans on my laptop, which takes like 25 minutes to run through all the stocks, but I do that once a day. It takes like 3 min on the desktop. I really don't need more speed.
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    Any chance of you positing a picture of your setup?

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    Yeah, I am just so busy with other stuff I have never gotten around to doing it.

    Gimme a couple of days.

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  9. Hmm, not too bad, but you can find great deals with Dell too you know:


    Pricing is a bit better when you look at all that's there too. Or maybe with me being an enterprising tech, I might be convinced to look here:


    I'll guess this unit might go for about $400. Of course even at $800 it would prove to be a better deal for someone like me. I'll bet I could use the difference to even add these:


    One OS drive and a data bank. Raid these puppies together and I think I'm right there. As a matter of fact, this whole package might be $800 doable. That leaves money for a video:



    And audio card:


    That all makes this a real monster deal. :)
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  10. After buying an IBM in the mid 90s, I've built my own. My latest is an AMD 64X2 6000+ & Asus Crosshair mobo...love it. Runs cool, never gets out of the teens re. CPU usage, auto overclocks to over 4ghz. I also have an Intel 3.2ghz dual core that no matter how big of fan runs hot, and 50%+ CPU usage doing the same chart work. Each drives 4 19in displays. Next I'm trying the AMD Opteron...and 2 nVidia Quadro video cards.
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