dual xeon ibm workstaion...who needs a dell???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by chiguy, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Dell hater, eh?
  2. nitro


    That is a good computer at a very reasonable price.

  3. i own a dell 4600c that my wife uses...i hate it...

    i guess i am just spoiled with my machines...

    hard to beat a 3 year next day in home warranty on the ibm's though...
  4. I've got 3 Dells... wouldn't say I "love 'em", but they have worked reliably. Had 2 others which I sold... one with W2K and WinXP Home... they always worked just fine too.

    Dell's support/service leaves something to be desired, but that's another story...
  5. looks like we agree to disagree...:)
  6. nitro


    It used to be outstanding support as little as two years ago, but it really sucks now. HPQ still picks up the line by a human being that knows what is going on within a minute.

  7. Saw a website today for "Dell 2.0"... where they plan to do better on support and service... admitted they "hadn't done as well as could..." Duh!

    Support costs something... lousy/cheap support bolsters the bottom line.
  8. Nitro... didn't you formerly run your trading apps off of Dimension 8300s?
  9. nitro



    My main computers are these:


    and the previous model of this one (dual processor 2850)


    and two older models of these (one in a 1U case, the other a tower case):


    When I move late this month and I am settled in, I will post a picture of my setup, to the "pics of your setup" thread.


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