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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ig0r, May 24, 2006.

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    Currently considering getting a new trading box. As it is, I'm running 2 x 2.8 ghz Xeon and during the day CPU usage hovers around 85-90% when the markets are generally calm, spiking to just under 100% and becoming unusable when it gets active.

    Not sure what to do here, more RAM wont help as I'm barely using 500 mb right now. I have windows background apps running (takes up almost no CPU cycles), an instance or two of excel taking up 30% or so, and the rest by redi. Other than overclocking to 4 ghz + on a new proc, what are my options? Turning on HT doesn't help, redi seems to like to stick to a single processor (even though I'd assume it would be multi-threaded...)
  2. yes, I have a similar problem, cpu can't keep up with market quotes,ie, Tradestation can't keep up with IB .
    Looking for arrival of amd 64 939 motherboard and cpu. Now using amd 2400 on Socket A.
    Alot of ticks lately :)
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    I dont think that'll even help. It seems to be raw processing power/CPU cycles that we're lacking, therefore we need processor with a higher clock speed.
  4. The processor is also 50% greater. If this doesn't work, the 939 board allows dual core processors, but they are alot more.
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    Eh, not sure where you're getting your numbers but clock speeds are around the same.

    I know Intel Conroe core shows some significant performance boosts over current gen stuff, but its not a fair comparison as AMD is rolling out their next gen stuff in a couple months as well.

    Also, dual processors or dual core wont really help here. I already have two processors. The most demanding app for me is redi, which is using up all resources on one of the procs.
  6. Current clock is 1.8.
    AMD has clocks speeds up to 2.8 for the 939 motherboard. Will have to wait and see. Gotta help some.
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    Both of my processors clock at 2.5 or so.

    Anyone have a solution to this situation?
  8. Just went through this myself this morning. One chip is running at it's peak, and, unless you're apps are written multithreaded, you essentially have 2 different chips in 2 differen boxes. It sucks. Is this high chip usage a function of rapidly changing quotes?
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    Yes, more or less. At this point I think the only solution is to seek higher clocked cores. I'm reluctant to overclock significantly as stability is essential here.
  10. Just a thought but if you are using windows xp i think it is possible to assign a process to a single processor. So you could assign redi to one processor and everything else to the other.

    Otherwise you are probably going to have to upgrade. Im building a new system (actually waiting for UPS now) with the 3.7ghz Pentium D extreme. I've read that they can be overclocked to 4.5 or so but I doubt I'll need that much horsepower.

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