Dual Wan Routers

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    Can't decided between XinCom & HotBrick. Would like to hear some personal experiences. Thanks, (already did a search here, not a lot of first hand reviews)
  2. Url's' please
  3. You know they are not nesassary.

    If you use XP and have two ethernet ports on your motherboard each connected to a different ISP, XP with automatically switch your connection.

    It's a lot cheaper and just as effective.

  4. use xincom 602...bought it on ebay around 160.00

    load balances up and down...

    works great...

  5. I have 2 ISPs over 2 different DSL routers and it's true; but the primary DSL connection is always the same: what I mean is if I activate both the DSLs, XP always routes packets through the same ISP; only if I disable this 'primary' ISP I will get access to the secondary ISP. There is a sort of priority.
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  7. with the xincom 602 i am able to load balance by ip address...

    ie...my trading apps go to dsl1 while my charting and excel sheets go to dsl2...

    i can load balance while most can not...and if one dies it will rollover...

  8. Do you mean this model?
  9. A dual-wan router is a single point of failure. So if your router dies it doesn't matter if you have two internet connections. And I've had this happen....now I use two ethernet cards, haven't had a problem since I added the second card (one ISP has gone down but I've never lost connectivity).

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    If your computer dies it doesn't matter if you have 2 nic cards. If you have multiple computers (3 in my case) a dual wan router is the way to go (and worse case if the router dies I can bypass it as a last resort).
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