Dual Wan (cable & dsl) solutions

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mammoth, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. simplicity suggests another pc with another hookup is the thing. this where i'm leaning.
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  2. This is the solution I currently have, DLS primary system and cable on a backup system. There can still be problems with this for traders. A few weeks ago my main system lost its DSL connection. My backup cable connection was fine but I was unable to log into my trading platform from the different PC because when my DSL dropped my connection the trading platform did not log me out and logins from multiple PCs (IP addresses?) were not allowed??????

    Anyone know a solution to this problem?

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  3. it's always something, isn't it? Maybe your broker can square you up on that...maybe a second account....(then you'll have the problem of trying to short when you're only trying to net sell...)
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  4. One of the reasons I dont want the 2 different PCs as solution is because that will not take advantage of both broadbands during everyday use. If Im gonna pay for 2 services, I want to make sure I get everything out of it as possible...which means I want improved performance as well. Not only that, I would have to get another PC..with another monitor...and more desktop space...etc etc etc. Byt the way Nitro..I would not have 3 NIC in one PC. The maximum I would have would be 2 NIC in my main work PC - which is configured for networking from my main home office. There would be 1 card for my home PC. And I would need some kind of router...
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  5. Good point NYC. I think I'll put my quotes on one, my order entry on another, in addition to having both back one another up completely. Also I use a squawk and that can be bandwidth hog.

    It sort of takes the heat off one pipeline to have another and divide the load between them.
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  6. But if one goes down, you still have to turn on the application that just went down. Not to mention, again, the investment in additional hardware and desktop space.
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  7. true, true. Each has its tradeoffs, I suppose. Something about the idea of having all my backup on one box seems a little weak, though.

    Also, I can have my order entry idle on my backup box and not sacrifice any bandwidth to it until and unless....
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  8. Others have mentioned the PC itself as a source of failure. In my 3 1/2 years of trading, I have never ever experienced my box going down....Everything else has gone down at least once, but never the box itself. My mouse went down once - but I take the blame: I threw it against the monitor.
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  9. Wow, and the monitor held?

    In the early days, I experience a burned out power supply owing to a power spike, and gradual hard disk failure. I don't trust any of this stuff, really.
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  10. Dont rust anybody or anything. Probabaly a good thing. For power outages, Im going to be using a UPS. I never thought I needed it (NYC never has downtime) until another remote trader told me about his experiences. So Im gonna get one soon.
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