Dual Screen laptop?

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  1. I trade daily using two 24 inches monitors from my office and home. I've always tried to think of a way to be able to trade away from my office. My trading strategy requires me to use two screens. I have considered the following:

    1. A regular laptop with the capability of plugging additional monitor
    However, the main draw back is that I will have to borrow someone else's monitor while I'm away. I will have to change my layout which I am used to every time I'm connected to other monitors.

    2. A dual screen laptop.
    The drawback is that there are only a few in the market and they are relatively pricey. I don't see a lot of options either. They usually come with small screen as well.

    3. A laptop with a projector
    It's not as easy as it seems to just find a big white wall wherever you go.

    Really appreciate for any input. I feel so stupid that I have to trade from my office or home every day!!
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    What do you trade?
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    #1 is the best solution provided you are traveling somewhere where you have access to another monitor, but then again if you are traveling somewhere where there is no monitor chances are internet wont be available either. Make sure you get a laptop with a good enough graphics card to be able to handle duel monitors at a high resolution on the external monitor.
  4. I will be following this thread since I am also in the market for a mobile solution that will most likely replace my current desktop setup completely.

    As for now, it seems like I will buy a powerful 17" laptop and an external 17" LCD screen. I need to find an ultra-light and portable LCD screen and a good bag to carry it and then I should be good to go. I found some good screens a while back, but could not find it yesterday.

    The last time I checked, dual screen laptops were not really an option, but I`ll do some research.
  5. I have a Matrox Dual Pro that works great with a laptop. I have a friend with the 3 monitor and it works well too.

    Check their website for compatibility.
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    it is a worthy goal to want to trade from your yacht.:D
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  8. aalluubbaa:

    Here is my experience.

    I have a HP dv8t 1100 laptop. It has an 18.5 inch screen and a resolution of 1920x1080. When I travel, I bring at least one external monitor. Lately I have been using:

    Acer S211HL 21.5" LED monitor, resolution 1920x1080


    This monitor is bright and light-weight. Only USD $120. The dimension is 12-inch by 20-inch. You can fit it in a slightly oversized carry-on. If Acer makes a smaller LED mon while maintaining same 1920x1080 I would buy it.

    You can reuse your home desktop + 2x24-inch monitors for other purposes. Get a laptop that has a good speed (the new ones use i7 second generation - speedwise they are pretty good), and an 18.5 inch screen. Then you can use your laptop + 21.5 inch monitor at home as if you were traveling. All your software layout updates will be in the same place.

    Many of the new laptops offer a second video output (VGA or HDMI mostly). You can drive a second monitor to have a dual-screen setup right away. If you want a third monitor, you can get some of those USB-to-VGA/DVI gadgets. Works fairly well.
  9. display is not a problem for me if I want to trade away from home (like a vacation). Just bring a monitor, they are not that heavy, especially if you drive.

    If you don't want to carry a monitor with you, just buy a monitor when you get there. You won't spent more than $300 for a 23" monitor at best buy, office depot, staples,......

    Do not tell me you don't want to spend $300 for a monitor. If $300 i a lot of money for you, and you can't make $300 in an hour of trading. Then forget about trading away from home. Just enjoy your vacation.

    For me, the problem for trading away from home is internet. Not all so called "high speed internet" in hotels and resorts, yes I mean decent 4 star hotels, are really high speed. Sometimes I have to use my smart phone to tether, but depends on the hotel location. Many times I don't have 4G signal.
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    Few months ago I had a similar dilemma.

    I ordered Samsung LD220G
    but unfortunately I got a response, that it is not produced any more.

    Then I was thinking about this one:

    at the end I just bought a normal LED monitor at BestBuy, when I arrived at my holiday destination. I used "Buy Back program" at BestBuy, so I returned the monitor back when I was leaving after one month.

    It is certainly lack of offer on the market for portable LED monitors.

    This Acer S211HL 21.5" LED looks quite good.
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