Dual Quad core

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  1. I highly doubt it the Q6600 is a pretty new processor, don't think it'll work with a logic board that old.
  2. If I plan to watch over 1000 stock symbols at a time ... do you think a new cpu is required.. i have an intel 3.0 right now.
  3. You might need another set of eyes. But seriously, it you want a Q6600 quad, get a new motherboard, preferably one based on the newish Intel P35 chipset. The Intel C2D CPUs (including the quads) are much better processors than the older P4s. If you buy an after market CPU cooler, you can overclock them easily and extract a bit more speed without compromising stability.

    If you want performance, then you should make sure you have 800Mhz DDR-2 memory also.
  4. Which applicaiton are you going to use to monitor 1000 symbols at one time...

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  5. iqfeed + QT... i will use market scanners.
  6. Well, well . . . Look who crawled out from under a hole!:D

    Did you find some money to trade with again after having your balls ( and shorts ) crushed or is someone paying you to spend all day long on ET posting away like you did last year?
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    i have a dual quad core dell with dual 24 monitors. the great thing about the computer is that you can load virtual computers on it and run multiple applications of the same program all on different operating systems. its crazy fast and allows you to do so much more. i have the main os and then 6 additional os's all with their own anti virus etc. if one blows up or crashes it doesn't impact the others at all. mb

    ps virtual os is a ms product and its free.