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    Are dual processors worth the money? When are they a necessity? And are there any disadvantages to them? Thank you
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    Maybe you can go into it a little more as opposed to giving an unhelpful response?
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    absolutely on the application/s you are running. I recommend a thorough test before you commit yourself to duals. There are software pack. around using the advantage because they dynamically multithread apps & other just don't.

    Do you currently have perf. problems while rt trading?`

  5. Leave Longshot alone.....its quanity not quality that counts

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  6. you want me to elaborate ok..

    no, unless your a nitro wannabe.

    [and who would wanna be??! :D ]


    I have been having performance problems, currenty use a 2.4 g with 2 g. of ram. I use alot of applications at once and sometimes send very large baskets.
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    more specific, is your pc use heavy cpu weighted or more data handling for which I would rather recommend a fast raid hdd setup with SCSI drives & 15000 rpm. Maybe you just try some sort of system testing programm to really determine where the bottleneck in your sys is. I have also been on the way to simply more cpu power, but thorough testing before has saved me a lot of $. If you have really CPU problems then the Intel P4 with HT should bring a bit of improvement, they can intelligently multithread app internally.

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    At the height of the day when I am trying to send alot of baskets the cpu usage is at 100% and it takes the computer 5-10 seconds to react to a command. Now I close all other applications before the open and close. Sometimes the application itself freezes and I need to close and reopen it. What kind of systems tests are you referring to and where can i get one? If I understand you correctly then there are 2 elements at work: 1. CPU usage(dual would be good?) 2. Data managing(scsi w/ raid) Thanks for the input
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    This question comes up on a regular basis. Understand that people's answers could just as easily apply to the "what's the best religion" thread.

    My experience has been that very few applications can take good advantage of dual processors so benchmarking will tell you not to bother. However I've found that dual proc systems feel a lot more responsive. I might be hallucinating but I assume that this is due to the OS's user interface code (i.e. windowing system) making good use of the extra processor.

    If you're running a trading platform then UI performance will matter a lot. The fastest disk system available won't do much good once the program is loaded and running.
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