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  1. A friend complained to me last night she seemed developing a dangerous, that word she used, problem because of intensive trading experience. After her explanation, surprised I had to agree I that she indeed act like absolutely different person from one time to another, from example at work, with friends, and with family. I called it dual personality. So I told her maybe she should trade less and try to be the one person.

    Do you have this problem?
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    Tell her to open a joint account with her other self :p

    Seriously, there are professionals out to help her with her issue.
    Psychiatrists are available everywhere nowadays.
  3. lol. compassion is in short supply on this board.
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    Hmmm....Bob calls it Cathy with a C when I am nice. And Kathy with a K when I am a flying bitch.

    I admit....when I win I am nice and when I lose.....well, I get upset if I did not follow my strategy.....but hardly a ripple if I followed my plans and it did not work out. Also hardly a ripple
    if I win. That is so important. Do not treat this like a horse race!

    One of the important aspects of trading is to take the emotion
    out of it. Otherwise you will have an ulcer or a drinking problem
    in a very short time.

    I subscribe to www.innerworth.com and found it helps a lot more
    than a dozen shrinks who are not traders. The last letter on
    Perfection and Depression hit home for me.

    PS....all women have dual personalities. Get used to it.:D
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    Wally I would try again.....it let me in with a bogus email on the second try......:)
  7. nope.
  8. Me neither.
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    Buncha psychologists who are failed traders. Worst of both worlds.

    A nice long walk around the block before and after the trading day or a nice sail around the harbor prolly a much better idea