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  1. I'm planing on buying a new computer after the first of the year. I like W2k Pro, and I would like to network it with my existing computer using this OS. I would like to also use XP Pro as it's the latest OS, and use W2k Pro for trading. My question...will this require an additional hard drive to operate? What kinds of problems could it create.
  2. I haven't done it, but some guys at work setup their computers with a removable drive fixture. HDs are cheap now, so they have two or three they just slam in there when they want and boot it up. The wife and/or kids have one so they don't crap up important stuff, and some of the guys experiment with Redhat Linux on one drive, but use Win2000 for general computing on another.

    I can see where it would be handy to have a "golden" drive that is only used for trading, but a less important one could be used for surfing. Of course all this requires a free bay in front where your DVD/CDs usually are.

    Lots of different ways to do this kind of thing, but this seems pretty easy and simple.
  3. Thank You...I will look in to it before configuring the new computer. I like the idea of a "golden" drive, only have a Jack Russell to contend with but filtering the fan intake is another topic.
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    It does not require additional hard drive. You can install XP Pro and W2K pro on the same hard drive (but on different partitions). For dual boot Xp must be installed on different partition than W2k is installed on. If you haven't created a second partition prior to installing W2k, you can create additional partitions with programms such as Partitionmagic.
    Xp and W2k recognize easily each other on a network.
    Latest official MS OS is Windows server 2003, not XP.
    Using Xp and W2k on the same hard drive does not create any additional problems.
  5. I've learned alot from your posts! I still may add a second drive. Partitions(now that I understand the principle) are a powerful tool. Thanks for the help.
  6. I have WIN2000 Pro on two partitions. I want to do a complete clean re-install with no partitions.

    How do I get to "C prompt" -to do a "C: Format C:" ?

    I tried to do a clean install inserting WIN 2000 CD but this doesn't do the trick. Doesn't wipe the hard drive clean and doesn't get rid of the partitions.

    How to get C prompt to do a reformat command in WIN2000? :confused:
  7. you are out of luck. you can't get to C prompt in WIN 2000! :D
  8. Not true. But it takes more "real" computer ability than most individuals are capable of implementing. I would not recommend it to anyone without them showing some type nerdesque abilities though. You can boot Win 2000 systems to the C: prompt. Partition software and floppy boot solutions abound. :)
  9. Well, yes, this is what i meant. Not easy in WIN2000, only tech savvy should attempt.
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