Dual Netwk cards and Bridging

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cwjcntr, Mar 27, 2004.

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    I've pretty much built out my trading PC, and had a pile of spare 10/100 nics laying around, so I decided to add a secondary nic to the machine.

    I read somewhere about some of the big trading houses using dual nics in their workstations, and I'm wondering if they're using the windows XP bridged connection to "bridge" the two nics together.

    Anybody have insight into this approach vs. other approaches? Next steps here are to "bridge" connections on my linux fileservers n such.

  2. What is your LAN setup and what are you trying to achieve?

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    basically I just want failover capability in case cable fails or a switch fails...

    1 have one switch which services my trading room, and another switch which services the rest of the house. so, each nic is plugged into a separate physical switch.
  4. Ahhh I see. You might want to consider setting up an el-cheapo
    dialup account on your trading machine in case you have *any*
    sort of failure with your broadband network setup. This is my
    current redundancy 'system' and it has worked well the couple
    times I've needed it.

    I also have IB's phone number and my account number next to a
    no-electricity-required phone in case we lose power.

  5. you want nic teaming then - not sure if you can do this with any combination of nics. ive only done it with nics whose drivers supported it (some 3com cards).

    bridging is different - it passes network traffic between the 2 nics to 'bridge' two networks that have the same subnet.