Dual Monitors with Windows NT

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  1. Trying to get redi plus on dual monitors. However, I heard that with NT I can not save a layout the way I want. Everytime I will log into redi I will have to re-size and move all the windows within redi. Trying to upgrade to Windows 2000. Is anyone using dual monitors with redi and if it on an NT platform? Experiencing the problems I have described? Please let me know, all input greatly appreciated.

  2. I had dual monitors set up wiht NT 4.0 and matrox card.
    With NT I was not getting enough features so I switched to win 2000 and never looked back. Win 2000 is fast and very reliable as long as you install all the patches and have enough RAM. NT is not worth the trouble because you will always have to deal with upgrades and availabilty issues.
    My 5 cents.
  3. Michael. Thank you, I have 256 mb of ram, I just upgraded it. Do you think that is enough. So far I've been working with 128 mb, and never had any problems. DO you think 256 mb is enough? THank you
  4. 256 MB should definitely be enough.
  5. Michael, thank you. Also I have a video card that is built in to the motherboard. So there is no way I can take it out. Do you know if I install a new card, will the computer automatically recognize that one? or will I have to go into bios and disable the original card. Btw, don't know how to dissable the original card.

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  6. First you can try to uninstall the old card by going to add/remove hardware at the control panel. I don't understand what do you mean by "built in to the motherboard"
    If you do install new card before removing the old one you may have conflict. What I can suggest you is to go to http://www.matrox.com , click on graphics cards and upgrades and support->forum. There are lots of experts in this fiels over therem, someone will probabaly have the answer for you.
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    I have Win NT with a 4 monitor setup, and I use Redi Plus. I have no problems with my setup. The layout comes up the same every time. I'm using an Appian card; are you using Matrox? Is this the only reason you're switching to Win 2000?

    Do you not have the REDI software yet? Where did you hear it wouldn't work on dual monitors?

  8. Hi Mjt, thanks for replying. I already have redi. I have talked to people at Matrox and the tech people said that windows NT doesn't read the dual monitors and that is why the windows within redi will be misplaced everytime redi is started. I actually seen this problem a few years ago with redi, at that time I did not think that it was an issue with NT. So yes this is the only reason I'm thinking of switching to Win 2000. But I only heard good things regarding Win 2000 as compared to NT, and feel that it's the right thing to do. I'm in a bind since I need a dual card that supports PCI not AGP, and there is a limit of them. I have found one @Matrox. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Mjt, also wanted to ask what are the prices for the Appian card, for dual monitors PCI, I do not need 4 Redi monitors yet. I wonder what you have on the 4 of them? Do you trade futures and options besides equities? Is redi the only system that you use for quotes and execution and charts?

    Thanks again
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    I'm not sure on pricing for Appian adapters. If you click on hardware at the top of this screen it will take you to a link where they are sold. I have no experience with Matrox so I couldn't compare Matrox and Appian, but Appian is an excellent product. Excellent tech support. No I don't get a kickback.

    Actually I have two computers, 6 monitors total. I'm never satisfied with my brokers, so I'm changing my configuration around from time to time, but right now I have Real Tick with charts running on a couple monitors, Hold Brothers' Graybox software on another, Redi Plus on a couple different monitors, IB's TWS on 1/2 monitor, I might have a couple internet sites up on another for whatever reason.

    I actually think monitors are like an addiction; you never feel like you have enough. If I could figure out where to put them, I'd probably have a couple more.
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