Dual monitors & windows ME

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Honda, Jan 11, 2001.

  1. Honda


    Is there an easy way to connect dual monitors to my new compaq PC? I'm running windows millennium & have a 8mb Nvidia TNT2 video card. Since I have an AGP card, I've heard there are some difficulties adding an additional PCI card for the 2nd monitor. Thanks
  2. ScottRW


    Tow companies have dual monitor cards available.
    1 Matrox (Both the G400 and there new G450 have dual monitor display cabability.
    2 Appian (they also have a four monitor fursion).
  3. BigEd


    Honda. I have 2 W98 systems, each with 3 monitors. I have an AGP primary video card, with 2 other PCI cards. All with no problems. I attempted to upgrade to W2000, but there were no W2000 multiple video capable drivers for my ATI cards, so I went back to W98. It is all OS based, so it is easy to install and test.

    Happy Hunting. :)
  4. coops


    i've just this week bought a pc with 2 monitors and it's Windows ME. PC (generic) came standard with a built in vanilla graphics card, needed an extra AGP one and now it's all fine.

    If you already have your pc, get another graphics card installed or if you are buying from new you could go ahead and get the card with built in dual monitor capability like the Matrox one.

    ps found a 19" monitor at 1024x768 resolution is good - it can go to 1600x1200 if you don't mind not being to read anything!