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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by action, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. m22au


    I've finally got both of my monitors working at the same time with the right amount of colors.

    But now I have a new problem - the second monitor just shows the Windows desktop.

    I went into Control Panel and saw the "1" and "2" squares, and they are not overlapping each other. Also, the checkbox for "extend my display onto this monitor" is checked for both monitors.

    Does anyone have any advice on how the "1" and "2" squares should look if I want to have different displays on each monitor?
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  2. what operaating system are you using?

    an easy , super cheap way to get 2 monitors running on windows 98(yes, i know, i'm living in the past) is to go and buy a $25 ATI expert 98 card...pop it in, install driver...bang!
    A went to one place and the guy wanted to charge me $125.lol
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  3. H2O



    You need to reinstall and select : Use different settings / colors for each monitor. (Or something like that, It's in the setup menu.)

    I had the same problem using a Matrox G550 Millenium card.

    Hope this helpes,
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  4. gnome


    Just guessing, but you may not have a problem.
    (1) Both squares should be lit, and if the resolution is different one square will be larger than the other.

    (2) The one "just showing Windows desktop"... Nothing displays on the extended desktop just because you made it active... you have to PUT something on it. Like, open a program, hit "restore down", and drag the window to the 2nd monitor. Use the edge "sizing" to make it what you want. Next time you open the program, it should display the way it was when you shut it down. If you minimize the program, it should condense to the task bar icon. When you maximize it, it should open on the 2nd monitor and in the size/position you've set. Or, you can open one program and drag the edges to fill up both screens. D :D
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