Dual monitors so simple

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by action, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. action


    I have not used more than two monitors for quite some time, however I am sure these guys will talk to you about your need if you were to start another thread. Take care there!
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  2. prox


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  3. sunnie


    It would be great to add 2 more flat panels....however, wouldn't I be giving up speed if I already have an AGP Bus type (nvidia GeForce 4) and switch to this PCI Bus type?:confused:
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  4. DTK


    IMO - Not enough to affect your trading.


    PS - Happy Thanksgiving.

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  6. Nanoseconds at best, or at worst! :)
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    and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, DTK...
    and to EVERYONE on ET....

    :p :p :p :p
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  9. Phreedm


    I've been searching for an inexpensive video card that would support dual monitors and stumbled across an ATI 7500 for 80.00 at Best Buy.
    Very easy to install. The only draw back would be one monitor output is for a 15 pin monitor, while the other one is for a 21 pin monitor. For another 8 bucks plus shipping I obtained the adapter.
    Just for another choice....nothing like dual monitors. I can see how a few more would make things even better.
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  10. chasmann


    "I am choosing between two different Matrox cards -
    Millenium G450 and the Millenium G550

    One of the few differences between the two is that the G550 only comes in AGP, whereas the G450 is available in both AGP and PCI.

    What are the pros and cons of a AGP versus PCI?"

    AGP is accelerated graphics port, so if you have an open AGP slot use it for your new card. It will not be faster enough to see any difference in a trading computer but will leave one PCI port open that you may need in the future (modem, high speed port for satellite data delivery, etc,).
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