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    I know it has been posted plenty on here but I have to say thanks guys. I checked in a while back on the Elite chat room and got a recommendation for dual screens to use a Matrox Millennium G550 (thanks Nitro!)..this is after more than a few dead end roads.... It was very cheap ($105) and was so slick to install. I actually made the mistake of installing the driver software in the French language, and was still able to configure the system and get both monitors running in no time! (I do not speak any French)Can't do better than that. Appreciate the help from some fellow traders.:) :) :) :D
  2. Cheap!? You could have had it for half that price. For still less than $105 I am running 3 monitors on a very old Compaq computer (over 2 years) with Windows 98 SE and it smokes!

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    Yeah baby, yeah!!!

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    WTG! When you want to expand, adding to this setup is a breeze with other Matrox cards. Unfortunately, they will now have to be PCI cards, as we only have one AGP slot.

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    You have more than one????????

    nitro :confused:
  8. My guess is its either the royal 'we,' the papal 'we' or the schizo 'we.' Take your pick.
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    Dry your pants, nitro, thats not what I meant. :D

    It's now apparent that by "we" you meant "humanity".
    Ironically, it was your use of "we" which made me wonder who might be the "they" who had dual AGP.

    Howsomever . . .
    -- iirc, 3dLabs was talking about it 2-3 years ago;
    -- there's a whiff of a trace of a glimpse of a hint of a rumor at
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    seems this thread has zeroed in real well on dual monitors--however anyone has similar views/recommendations on multiple monitors (at least 3).

    I am using Win XP.
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