Dual Monitors on HP a1477c

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by petrotrader, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. gnome


    You haven't give enough info...

    For trading, or gaming, or both?

    How large of monitors?

    VGA or DVI display, and what resolution?

    Do you want to buy inexpensive video cards or spend more?

    Will you have enough PCI slots?

    Your proposed rig will have "integrated video". That may or may not be a problem with extra video cards. Personally, I'd totally avoid a mobo with integrated video for multi-card display.
  2. Just trading.

    19 inch monitors.

    VGA, 1280 x 1024


    3 PCI slots but all 3 are currently being used. 1 PCI Express x16, currently unused.
  3. gnome


    That's easy, then....

    Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 or 285... on eBay. Just be sure you get the cables with it, as many don't have.
  4. Thanks!