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    I am using an HP mini that has 1 VGA port. It has 3 USB ports that I use2 for a mouse and a keyboard. I am interested in what it would take to use 2 monitors with it. Can I simply get a splitter off of the VGA? I have been told that it won't work, people have told me the image will be duplicated on both screens identically. I have seen adapter boxes that work off of a USB, can I use one of those and then use the VGA for the other monitor?

    Thanks in advance I am computer retarded, have always had University computer techs or at my old job we had an awesome tech department, and this is my first attemp to create my own work station.
  2. Yes, you can. I have such a configuration. (See attached picture). 2 of my monitors are driven by the laptop (highlighted in red). One via the second VGA port, and one via the USB-VGA adaptor.

    But... maybe it's only me, I don't know... I have very bad experience with this set up. I have 2 makes for the USB-VGA adapter - IOGear and Diamond. They both have the same issue. The display on the third monitor would "refresh" (flicker) about once a second. Or once every 2-3 seconds. Constantly. That makes it very annoying. The screen goes completely dark for about half a second, then gets populated with the new image. The process repeats.

    Perhaps... try it out. And return the adapter if it doesn't work.

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    Have you always had this issue or has it gotten worse with time? Do you know of a brand of adapter that is less prone to this issue?

    Thanks for the feedback
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    Check out Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go...
  5. I always had this issue since day one. I thought this is inherant to the USB-VGA adapters and just live with it... until I read some comments in this forum that others seem not having this issue. So I may just be lucky.
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    Has anyone used a VTBook card? THeir website is here, I wonder if anyone has experience with it or a similar product. Looks like I could run one monitor off of my VGA port and another through this from the card slot

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