Dual monitors feature in Window XP ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Hombre, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Yes graphics adapter hardware. You know, the things with a GPU and video memory. By all means, get out a soldering iron and hack together some splitter cables if you think it will do the job.
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  3. The splitter found here http://www.cablesforless.com/browseproducts/VGA-Splitter-Cable.html can be used for dual monitors (no special video card needed). After you plug in the two monitors, right click on desktop > properties > settings and click on monitor 2 and click on box "extend my windows desktop onto this monitor" This should work for you.
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  4. I'd like to hear from someone who experiences this... it should NOT work as you suggest, but rather both monitors should display the same.
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  6. Precisely. Unless there is a video controller to render different content for a 2nd screen, you won't get any extra screen real-estate ... only a duplicated image as gnome has already said.

    Just FYI, I am a systems administrator, and computer hardware/software is my specialty ... this stuff doesn't just magically work, you need a separate video device.
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  7. Yeah, that's the ticket.

    Please see the Amazon product page link in my original post above... this is the same Y-splitter VGA cable that would not help Hombre at all.

    It's amazing how many people above have offered well-intentioned advice, addressing a question other than the simple one posted by the OP, who was clearly looking for a simple, inexpensive solution.
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  8. Well, one solution is clearly inexpensive.... you can buy a Matrox G450 dualhead card for <$10... sometimes only $.99 + shipping on eBay.

    However, it's not the "splitter" solution.

    FWIW... I've used both Matrox dualheads and Nvidia Quadro NVS 280 dualheads. The Nvidia Quadro is a measure better.
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    wow... hold it there brother. Who said
    a simple, inexpensive solution?

    you might interpret it that way,
    OP might have intended it that way,
    but surely you are the only one who put the words here.
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  10. First of all, I don't think he was too clear, and secondly, I am pretty sure that he isn't looking for a mirroring solution. When people refer to dual monitors, their goal most often is to add screen space, not get a mirror of what they already have. As gnome once again has pointed out, the solution (he is most likely looking for) is not very expensive.

    That y-cable won't get you very far unless it has a video controller (albeit cheap) I don't know about.
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