dual monitors and profits

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  1. Can anyone on elite trader tell me if
    they are finding it much easier to spot
    opportunites to make ( and sometimes lose)
    more money trading

    using 2 or more monitors as opposed to just 1 ?
  2. 2 monitors allow you to keep an eye on other stocks /indices, 15 min charts for reversals, line cash charts for slopes, inst. mess. for ideas, news tickers for news and internet for fun.........I use 2 21" and 1 17" ............... bottom line...yes they help out
  3. Three monitors helped me to buy three times as much Tenet last Friday. "Ouch" On a serious note ... I could not get along without 3 monitors. I watch alot of stuff and need the extra realestate.
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    Two computers, two monitors, two isp's (cable and dialup), two brokers. Full charts on one, 1/2 charts (open positions only) and trading accounts on he other, will give you good utility and peace of mind.
  5. I have actually seen people with 8+ monitors -- I've even seen things that would put NASA to shame.
  6. who, i ask you, in the freakin world would say, "nah man.. you know, it's been a lot tougher since i've gone to multiple monitors.."????? :confused:
  7. I currently use two computers and three monitors (two on one computer and one on the second computer). I can't even imagine trading with fewer than that now. I'm probably going to add a second monitor to computer number two. Monitors and video cards are so cheap these days, why not?
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    I currently have 7 monitors, a bunch of 2 day charts for my core group of stocks, 1 for the naz and trinq for overview, 2 with advance charts for my trading stocks with indicators I use, 1 for my trading platform, 1 for their sectors, a news source. I feel it gives me a great overview of everything I use for market direction. The more the merrier.
  9. It depends on what you are trading... if you are trading one thing, you can get by with 1 large monitor... if you are trading several things or using scanners etc, you will need 2 monitors...
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    I have eight monitors and could honestly make use of two more. But it all depends on what you are trading. I like to watch for several different opportunities that might pop up and watch 3 or 4 individual stocks in many different sectors. Plus I have a daytrading account, a swing trade account, and next week a futures account. What I really need is an assistant.
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