Dual monitors and Presario

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Redart11, Aug 18, 2001.

  1. Redart11


    Should I buy a second computer or install a video card?
    I have a compaq 5000 series with ME.I have read every thread
    and I am confused.I would prefer to hear only from those
    with similar models.I need to know what was installed and
    how well it's working.No offense to the others,but I need
    some practical advice.I would appreciate any help from
    those with 5000 series models.
  2. Mutley



    I have a Presario 5WV280 with the original Compaq graphics card and two additional (different makes) inexpensive (<$50 ea.) graphics cards, sorry I don't know which ones. I am running ME and have had no problems. The cards came from either Best Buy or CompUSA. I use RealTick, eSignal, IB TWS 4.0 and sometimes run all three at one time (DSL connection). Whatever cards you buy, just make sure they support Windows multimonitor configurations. I did find one that did not (IO Magic ??). If you can buy from either of the above retailers you might consider having them install and configure the cards. That way if they don't work you don't pay. Good luck.
  3. tom_p



    I have a Compaq Presario 5000T with an onboard Intel 810E AGP graphics controller running Windows Millenium with only PCI slots free. I converted this into a dual monitor configuration by adding a IOMagic MagicVideo 3DEP PCI 8mb card ($39.99). This took some time and effort though, and I went through the same deliberations you're going through (see my thread "Dual monitor vs. 2 PC's" from May 3, 2001 in the Hardware section). It will also depend on your trading software, but for $39.99, it's worth a shot.

    I'll be glad to be of any assistance.
  4. Redart11


    Thanks Tom and Mutley.I talked to Comp USA.They were
    helpful,and will guarantee any work.
  5. jperl


    I've posted this many times before, but here it is again-
    If you are interested in multimonitor displays-check out the database at


    They have just about every conceivable combination of motherboards and video cards that have been tried for a multimonitor system-what works, what doesn't work.
  6. Maxito