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    I am thinking of getting a new dual-monitor video card for my computer. I know that there are currently 3 relatively inexpensive options on the market. There is the Radeon VE with Hydravision by ATI, the GeForce2 MX with Twinview from Nvidia, and the G450 with Dualhead by Matrox.

    I am just starting to day-trade and therefore I would appreciate any information as to which of this cards is best suited for a trading workstation or if none of them are good enough alltogether and I should invest in some other card not listed above.

    Any and all feedback is highly appreciated.

  2. Check out Appian. They have both dual & Quad video cards. I currently have the Jeronimo Pro dual card (16meg). It was easy to install and I have not encountered any problems. I got it on ebay for $120.00. Normally sells for $4-500.
    If buying from ebay you probably won't get the driver but it is easy enough to download it from their website. Make sure you download it before installing the card.
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    Thanks for the info.
    The Hydravision technology that is used on Radeon VE is actually made by Appian. The thing about the cards that I mention is that they are very cheap(Radeon VE is about $90) and also offer very good performance in normal applications.

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    Thanks for the link.
    There is another article that I found very informative and useful that compares the 3 cards:

    I was wondering though, if anyone is using any of those cards and how is the experience from the trading perpective.

  6. I have a Matrox G400 dual head. I love it. I have two monitors (21" sony and 15" LCD). My desktop is 2560x1024 - spanning two monitors.

    The only issue I have with the Matrox G400 is that under Windows 2000 both monitors must run in the same resolution. Supposedly this is not the case with Win98/ME.

    The video quality (the DAC's) is excellent. Better than any ATI or NVidea board I've ever had.


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    With the newest Matrox drivers
    also under Win2000 you can have separate
    resolutions on both monitors.

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    Yes and the Matrox DUAL works Great..
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    I have Matrox Quad and in w2k it works decent. I don't really care for the support that Matrox provides. They don't seem to be as interested in the multi-monitor market as Appain is. In retrospec, I do sometimes wish that I had bought an Appain instead.
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    Thanks for all the posts.

    Anyone using the Radeon VE card?

    It uses the Hydravision technology by Appian and I've read that it should be pretty good. It also comes with 32Mb of DDR memory which might come in handy for higher resolutions.

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