Dual Monitor Trading System $750

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Samson77, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. I have an excellent condition.

    P4 2.0 Ghz 512 ddrram system
    with an Asus P4B533-E Raid board
    ATI-128 Radeon Dual Monitor card
    DVD & CDRW drives
    Two Samsung Syncmaster 172N (flat panel) monitors in excellent condition.
    Windows XP pro

    For only $750 US and you pay shipping from Canada.

    The machine runs excellent and was custom built for trading 2.5 years ago.

    I was using it as a back up but I just bought a laptop so she can go to a good home now.


    pm me with your contact number and I will give you details.
  2. Ok...here we go again....I bid 350 FOK....FOK!

    I hope your trading is going well!

  3. How come you always read these threads ??????????

    Yes it is thank you and I hope yours is doing just as well :)

    btw, this is $500 less then what we were going to do it for last time!
  4. I'm a lifer....I live for trading and while I'm doing my nightly homework I love to glance over the new threads on ET. I need a good reseach assistant, do you know anyone interested in working hard, learning some great material and being mentored by one of the best traders I know?

    While the monitors are nice, the value of the entire set up isn't worth $750. I admit $350 is a low ball bid, but....heck I'm a trader just trying to make a market! :) Tell you what, I will take it off of your hands for $425. Interested?

    Glad to hear all is well! I could use some of your options knowledge, as I am acutally starting to swing trade and have a couple of good strategies, Options might improve the profitability.

    Continued success to you!

  5. how old are you mike? i bet you're late 20's early 30's. wait till your 42 like me and been trading full time for 16 years. you'll find there's other things in life.i've traded 500,000 times ina year and had 4 7 figure years. i became so addicted i could barely go on vaction. i'd take all my computers with me. about 2 years ago i woke up and smelled tyhe roses. i still love trading but the obssession is gone
  6. I am 34, been trading professionally for 5 years. I work so hard because I have seen too many one hit wonders, and former "good" traders fall by the wayside(I came close to being one myself). I do not want to meet a similar fate, The only way to avoid that is to constantly research and improve your edge, build a substantial capital base, and pay cash for everything. Once that is done, I figure If things get really tough I can get a job as a walmart greeter and not have too much too worry about.

    That being said, I plan on taking most of next summer off, going to spend the summer in a cabin on the water, chasing the illusive rainbow and brown trout throughout the midwest, and visit my family. Life is too short and sometimes you just have to take a break.

    Good trading!


    P.S. Looks like I have about 6 more years before burnout! :)
  7. Samson - what's shipping like to NYC?

    I could use a new machine - not sure where I'll put the 2 LCDs yet though, got 4 as it is.
  8. I would guess $70 UPS ground.

    I could meet you in Buffalo if you like or Niagra Falls if your planning on coming this way.
  9. Actually I have obtained perfectly good used systems with similar performance and components for about 1/2 of that price.... and they were name brand systems.

    If you are not in a hurry and look around you can still find used systems from a host of BK'd out of business technology and internet companies (there is a whole raft of new ones lately) - especially BK consulting companies which is where I obtained the last batch of systems.
  10. You know its always funny how people post stuff like this on perfectly legitimate threads!

    I hardly think I'm being unreasonable on this deal and it is a very fair price for a system that is in excellent working order and I have confidence in that.

    Why do people feel the need to post stupidity like this?

    If someone wants it and they have done their homework let them decide for themselves. :mad:

    How would you feel if a buyer were to take your advise and go and buy some bulk bargain unit from some bankruptcy sale or something and it's total garbage and he wasted 500$.

    This system is in excellent condition and is a very sturdy and reliable trading machine.
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