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    I am trying to get my trading station going and ran into some problems setting up my dual 19 inch monitor system. I have winxp and ati radeon 7000 64mb dual graphic card. I get my primary monitor working fine at 1440x900 but the other one is stuck at a weird resolution 1152x864 and it does not allow me to change even though winxp display settings is showing it's already setup at 1440x900 but the monitor info panel as well as the graphic card info page say it's setup at the 1152x864 resolution. Please see attached picture.

    My mouse is scrolling to the second monitor screen up and down left to right and moving the screen along with it. Any thoughts? I attached a video of the setup as well as a pic.

    Thanks for any help...
  2. Hey buddy,

    I have a similar ati card to yours and see the same things that your picture shows. Your resolution is way too large for your monitor. That's why your desktop scrolls when you move the mouse. I think I can solve your issue:

    Go to display properties and then settings. Then click "identify". Then find out which one is 1 and which is 2. Then if 2 is the one with the weird setting, then click on 2 and then change the resolution.

    Last week I was struggling with similar problems for hours and many times I was looking at the resolution of the incorrect monitor. Right now when you go to display properties, it will, by default show you the properties of monitor 1 which is why you are seeing 1440 x 900 when monitor 2 is really NOT at 1440 x 900. Display properties cannot be wrong, so make sure you click on monitor 2 in display properties... So the first step is to do what I wrote above. If that doesn't work, let me know. If it works, let me know also, because I have a question for you:)
  3. Man I can't wait to ask you my questions. So I'll get right to it:

    1.Did you setup two monitors so that you can view two different things on the two screens? ie. one for charts and for level 2..

    2.Do you have two vga(normal monitor port) ports? Or did you use a splitter to connect two monitors?

    3. It seems like you might also have a dvi port since I see a FPD section on your pic. Do you have a dvi port(white color)?

    I was able to connect only 2 monitors to my computer. One into vga which showed up as "monitor" and the other into dvi which showed up as "FPD", so I am just wondering how you were able to connect the 2nd monitor so it showed up as "monitor" in the picture.

    I need 3 monitors so I had to spend $300 last week for a special device to hook up all 3 monitors..
  4. Whas that "special device", by chance, a video card?
  5. yes, the matrox device...video card is not a special device:D

    Make that triple head to go!
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    Thanks for the feedback but the weird thing is that I go to my second monitor windowsxp display settings and it says 1440x900 but it's not at that resolution because the screen looks very weird and different compared to the other one. In fact both monitors are set to 1440x900.

    Regarding your questions...

    My monitors are the samsung wide screen 19 inches. My graphic card is a dual vga only with two video inputs.

    1. I set up two monitors to show different things not clone the screens.

    2. Two vga ports is what I have...no splitters.

    3. My monitors have dvi and vga input but my graphic card is vga only.

    I think you need to do more hacking in your system to get your monitors to appear as monitors since when I was playing around, one of them showed up as a TV??? Then, I did some more hacking and got it to appear as a monitor again. I can't remember what I did. Check the monitor driver perhaps.

    Thanks for the feedback so far but it looks like we are on the same page...without an answer. Let me know your progress.
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  8. Thanks for the answers buddy. I am fine with my setup since I got that matrox 3 head device. I just thought that maybe I can attach a 3rd monitor somehow to my current graphics card and return this device. But that's not possible.

    I know that when you right click ON the second monitor and go to display properties, it says 1440 x 900. I am sure it is still showing the resolution for the 1st monitor. Did you do this?: Where you see 1 and 2 in a square box under display properties, make sure you click on 2 and THEN adjust the resolution. I am not sure if you did this. If it still doesn't work, then I don't how else to help. I am sorry..

    See this pic, you'll see what I mean..You have to click on 2 and change the resolution.
  9. wow, 300 bucks seems like a rip off, I have four monitors hooked up to one of my computers, simple 2 video cards , same manufacturer dual heads,. You can get video cards for 50 bucks these days, that are more than good enough for running trading and charting software.

    Dont know what this 300 dollar device you bought, but I hope it gives handjobs also for that much.
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