Dual Monitor Problem, Please Help

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  1. I have a Vision-Tek NVidia GeForce4 MX440 Dual-Head analog card running on Windows 2000 Pro. I just received the 17" Samsung LCD I ordered (fabulous!), installed its drivers, and have hooked it up next to my 19" CRT.

    So there are two monitors running on a single dual-head card - shouldn't be very complicated, right?


    I did the NView setting thing that allows me to span across both monitors, but all that does is stretch a single application window across both monitors.

    I tried dragging an application window, i.e. Internet Explorer, to one monitor and then maximizing it, but all that did was again stretch the window across both monitors.

    I would like to be able to have my trading software and charts on one monitor and scanning software and Explorer stuff on the other.

    I've searched other threads and seen some posts that state the Device Manager should list both monitors, but mine only lists the new LCD monitor I bought, not the old CRT. Maybe that's only if you have one video card per monitor? Under the Display Settings, only the new LCD is listed as well.

    Also, I thought I would be able to adjust the resolution for each monitor - another post said that should be possible - but the resolution I set is applied to both monitors.

    There is probably a simple solution to this that I am overlooking.

    Please help! :confused:
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    Click advanced under your display settings. Then click the tab that has the name of your video card on it. There should be a desktop utility, try checking the make both inputs separate inputs or something like that. Hope that helps
  4. I have a Metrox dual head. The following worked for me.

    Try opening an application, move it to the desired monitor, then close it. From then on it should open on the desired monitor.
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    Instead of "maximizing" your windows, try manually resizing them. Then, when you close and reopen, they should reappear as before they were last closed.
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    you can do it with maximizing. You just have to set up your advanced settings correctly. I myself need it to stretch, since my programs all integrated in one. for mutiple programs, set it so that each monitor is individualized as far as maxmizing the window goes.
  7. You have to click on the box for each monitor separately to get the settings. You should see two monitors in the window, click on each one to adjust its properties. It's not a matter of a dualhead card versus individual cards.
  8. That Nview link has a user's guide that talks about DualView. Well, my Nview desktop utility does not show the DualView option....

    What the heck?!? :confused: :confused: :confused:
  9. Both of my monitors are not listed.

    Under Display, Settings, it only lists my new LCD Monitor, not my old CRT.

    If I click the Advanced tab and click the Monitor tab, it again only lists my new LCD.

    The NVidia NView desktop utility does NOT have a DualView setting.

    There is a setting for Horizontal span or Vertical span, but when I enable those I can't restrict one certain application to just one monitor.

    It seems that by loading the driver for my new monitor my old monitor has been erased somehow.

  10. It was a driver issue. The latest driver did not correct the problem - if anyone else has a similar problem, FYI I had to install a much older driver ( to make it work.

    Vision Tek Tech Support is EXCELLENT!

    Thanks again for your comment.
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