Dual Monitor HELP

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bogan7, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hi there tech guys I am having a spot of bother with my new purchase.

    I just bought a new Dell with AMD 64 x2 Dual core with 256 NVDIA Ge Force graphics card and dual 19" monitors.

    I thought i set it up right as they say in the guide using one VGA and One DVI but all I get is a dell auto detect on one screen and nothing on the other the machine hasnt seemed to bootup either.

    Any help would be great

  2. Actually it says Unsupported video configration detected

    What should I do?

  3. It also says

    "this computer has an add-in graphics card, but the monitor cable is plugged in to the integrated vidoe connector?

    It seems it has nothing to do with the monitors bit that doesnt help a lot

  4. "Unsupported configuration" has me thinking either the resolution is set too high or it doesn't like that one monitor is VGA and the other DVI.

    On my Nvidia Quadro NVS cards, all must be the same.. either VGA or DVI, but not mixed.
  5. Sorted thanks anyway
  6. yasserhy


    Hi there ..

    i have the same problem ! i am trying to connect two monitors to my Dell OptiPlex 745. I have two graphic cards .. one is built in and the other is add on.

    I get the same message when trying to connect. The addon card has a wierd plug for the monitor , while the built in card has the regular blue plug.

    How did you solve your problem?? plz help