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  1. I just bought a new dell laptop and I would like to get a second monitor for it. I would like to have quotetracker on one monitor and ib tws on the other and then work both of these with one mouse. Is it possible to do this by simply connecting the second monitor or do I need to add a card or something to get it to work.

    Thanks for any replies.
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    You can simply connect the second monitor and use it as a second monitor and ur laptop display as first monitor and also you need to have windows xp.
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    boot your computer with the 2nd monitor attached.

    after boot up, select to use external monitor.

    there are 2 modes -- either a duplicate of your notebook screen, or as an extension.

    right click on the desktop.

    the "Display Properties" window will pop up.

    select the "Settings" tab.

    you will see 2 monitor icons. click on the "2".

    you will see the box "Extend my Windows..."

    click on the box.

    Vola, you are set to go.
  4. Do you care about video quality, if so get a laptop with DVI or HDMI port.
  5. looking to get the exact same setup. just plug in a monitor/enabled tv and you can extend your desktop. after plugging in, go to control panel - appearance and themes - settings tab - extend monitor

    the harder part is finding a monitor to carry with you. haven't figured out how to get the lightest option possible yet.
  6. I run my 17" laptop with a 20" LCD and it works perfect...not that hard to set up when I am not at my office and I want to carry the markets with me....LOL!

    This set up also fits better on my night stand next to my bed.

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    OT a bit... if you are going to use your notebook for trading, i.e. you will have the computer on all day, be sure to install a harddisk temperature monitor. (free)

    Also get yourself a good notebook fan. Get one with ball bearing fans. Don't buy the cheapies. The cheapies will only last you a couple of months if you have it on all day.
  8. Tums,

    btw, that was a great point you bring up. :)
  9. also you can drag the monitors into postion (2nd left or right of main display) and align tops or bottoms for smooth cursor transition between screens...
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