Dual monitor configuration on Presario 5000 with Windows ME

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tom_p, Apr 30, 2001.

  1. tom_p


    I have a Compaq Presario 5000 PIII-866MHz, running on Windows Millenium, which has an integrated Intel 82810E graphics controller (AGP). I wish to configure my PC with dual monitors (one desktop). I only have PCI slots free, and was wondering :
    (1) if it was possible to add a PCI graphics card to get multiple display?
    (2) which particular card or specification should I get (assume ATI)?
    (3) what other issues should I be aware of?

    Compaq have said that the Presario models have not been tested for support in dual monitors as they are intended for home and not commercial use. The Deskpro models have been extensively tested.

    Thanks for your help, Tom
  2. cag


    here's one hint ..get rid of windows ME ...its JUNK JUNK...
    go straight to 2000 pro....
  3. Baron

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    Yes, it's possible but keep in mind that a setup of that nature may not work in your machine. The combinations of motherboards, video cards and BIOS versions are endless, so it's possible that a video card that has been added successfully to another machine may not work at all in yours (which is why I can't recommend a specific card).

    But assuming you end up with a combination of hardware that can work together, the steps to take are as follows:

    1. Power off the computer and install the PCI video card.

    Note: Considering you have a Compaq Presario, opening the system case may void your warranty.

    2. Attach the second monitor to the PCI video card.

    3. Power on the computer and install the drivers for the PCI video card. Check with the video card manufacturer for instructions on installing the drivers for it.

    4. Restart the computer

    5. Go into Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings and click on the picture of monitor 2. Click on the Yes button to enable the second monitor.

    6. Click the Apply button. The secondary monitor should now be enabled.

  4. tom_p


    Thanks cag and Baron. Will probably get Win2000.
  5. Honda


    I have a Compaq 5000 series with an AMD 900 & windows ME. Works great. Go to the Compaq knowledge web site (you should have a shortcut on your desktop) & there is a message board that may have the answer to your question.
  6. tom_p


    Honda, what was your original graphics configuration, what card did you add, and what is the configuration now? Was it all done by trial and error? I've posted my question on the Compaq board, but they just refer me to a link to a Microsoft document about Windows 98 multi monitor support.
  7. Honda


    I haven't added a card yet. I was thinking about using the Matrox Millennium G450. Check out the Matrox web site, I think they tell you if your particullar model is compatible with one of their cards. The G450 I believe is compatible with mine. I have an AGP Nvidia card with an upgradeable AGP slot.
  8. bbb


    This may be of interest: I use Cox Communcations cable service, and connect to the internet via Road Runner with a cable modem (and only one IP address) into a Linksys router to connect two computers in a network. Using Windows 98,I have 4 monitors on one computer and five monitors on the other, all using ATI Xpert98 video cards, both AGP and PCI.

    I run both computers and fill up all 9 monitors with very busy day-trading screens and have no cable performance or computer resource problems. However, I have 392 megs of memory in each computer, and believe this extra memory is the best insurance against resource bottlenecks.

    Regarding Compaq: I had a new high end model a couple of years ago and bought a 4-port video card for it, and after working with the manufacturer for about a week, they said Compaq was notorious as being incompatible with add-on hardware. I bought another cheaper no-name computer and the 4-port card was up and running in 20 minutes. I eventually gave the Compaq away.
  9. tom_p


    Thanks, bbb. I'm also tempted to go no-name this time - the only difference is that Compaq has an 800 number to tell me that their computer doesn't do this or support that.
  10. Tom_P

    I actually had a Compaq I bought and had a computer guru friend of mine gut it. Taking out the good parts while installing a new motherboard/case. Computers that are custom built are 10 times better than what you can buy in the store.

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