Dual modems or bonded modems set ups???

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by luk122, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. luk122


    Is anybody using a bonded modems setups for their connections? I found out just now that they can double connection speed. I'm a newbie trying to get into daytrading without forking out almost $300/month to Verizon for a misely 128k. Nothing else is available in the shole i live in. Thanks.
  2. gnome


    No broadband in my area, either. You might try running 2 computers on 2 phone lines. One for trade executions and minimum quotes, the other for everything else.

    I've heard others say dial-up execution is equal to cable as long as the amount of stuff over the line is light.

    2 phone lines + 2 ISP connections = <$50/mo. For the $250 you save, you can buy a nice 2nd machine. :cool:
  3. i have used that in the past it worked ok.you have to buy two isps so its not cheap.check out the sonic supra 2 by diamond multi media.make sure you have an isp that allows it.not many do.
  4. nusrat


    Satellite is available pretty much everywhere, excepting abandoned mines, missile silos, undersea habitats, and the north face of K2. :)
    Seriously, you should check it out.
  5. luk122


    Thanks for responses. Satelite is not an option, too much latency and way too many horror stories about lost, slow connection etc.