Dual internet connections.

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    I can't help you with the router with 2 WAN ports, although I see others have posted to help you out.

    I have 2 Internet connections: one a cable broadband (my primary) connection, and one a dial-up (56K) modem connection (my backup). You CANNOT automatically use bandwidth from both of your connections; you need to specify one or the other as your default gateway (i.e., your path over the desired connection).

    In Windows 2000, I have created 2 DOS .bat files, each with its own icon. Each makes use of the DOS "route add" command, which forces the gateway to accordingly. In the event that my primary broadband goes down (I will know because my IB and RealTick apps will disconnect/reconnect), I click on my DOS icon that sets my gateway over my dialup. It's not automatic, but it's a real quick way to keep things up and running if you are a trader. It has saved me, on several occassions for sure.

    Assuming, that the DOS command file "broadband.bat" exists in my folder, "c:\connections". I create a shortcut on my desktop that points to this file. The file's contents will contain the "route add" command as follows:

    route add mask

    where is the IP address of the gateway I desire.

    To verify, that it has been set correctly, use the "route print"
    command from a DOS prompt, and make sure that the "Default Gateway" address is set accordingly.

    Similarly, create a 2nd DOS batch file, that sets your gateway over your secondary connection.

    Any questions, Email me at doug@expss.com.
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    If you are a programmer and know VB or C++, you can create an application that fires off at a timed interval (say, 1 minute), that will execute a "route print" and check the IP address of the default gateway. If it is not the desired IP (which implies that your primary gateway is down), you could execute a "route add" within the code, to switch your gateway to your secondary connection.

    This isn't a super clean way to do it, and there may be inherent race conditions that cause this to fail. I'm not sure how to actually create an event-driven program that accomplishes the above automatically on disconnect.

    Hope this helps !
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    well when we were looking how to solve this particular issue, the solution seemed obvious. At that time 1/2 year ago, the cost of a router that can splice both conections into one was about $2k. It wasn't worht for us, but we have a one switch system, where if on connection goes down, we flip a switch and we're on DSL from OptOnline.
    The model number on the router I don;t remember, but it was a cysco router, that was proposed to us by our IT people. as far as I know the prices on those gadgets aren't that low.

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    yes the swithc system works like this:

    you have two identically configured $75 8 port hub's one hot wired to cable, another hotwire to dsl. and then a simpl switch box. if you configure your pc's w/o DHCP, then your down time is the amount of time it takes you to flip a swtch. If not then you would have to go through reseting the IP's which is a drag.

    let me know if you want a detaled setup.

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    if you were to spend the money and get the router, setup is not complex, it basically runs both WAN connections together dipersing the load among them. Then on the LAN end it works as a simple DHCP server to provide IP's to users. It aquires the IP's of service providers internally, thus they do not matter to end stations.

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  6. is it possible to have 2 cards one configured to dsl and another to cable and be able to switch manually from one to the other ..ie disabling one and enabling the other???????? if its possible i think the switch over would be really fast < 30 secs

    another question: Are there any program out there that would tell u if ur connection is down or ur net is lagging?? right now the only way that i am able to tell if my net is down is by opening a TS for csco and watch the tape or cnbc.
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    What cisco model are you referring to?

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  8. Yes there are several programs that will tell you if you connection goes down.

    Go to downloads.com and do a search for auto ping software.

    Some of the best ones have sound alerts to notify you if a connection drops out.

    Most will also tell you the speed of your connection and other information.

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