Dual internet connections.

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  1. daydreaming, do you have a LAN setup? If so, does this router make use of both connections simultaneously?

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  2. I don't have a LAN. I have a desktop for trading and a laptop for surfing the web, e-mail and fun. The FR24 comes with four RJ45 ports that connect with computers' network cards and 2 WAN RJ45 ports that connect with cable and DSL modem. I don't think you can combine the speed of the two broadband connections.
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    I researched this in depth a couple months ago, and wasn't able to come up with a solution. As far as I know, it can't be done.

    My experience with cable and DSL is also what has been shared here. Cable reliability - Comcast - stinks. DSL slower but more reliable. (When was the last time your phone went dead?)
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  4. w12talon


    You can combine both. But you would have to specify which one was for outgoing data, and which was for incoming data. You can't use both together to double your download speeds.

    A couple years ago, a friend got a DirecPC dish with would only download, and he used his cable modem to upload. The uploads would normally go through a phone line connection.

    Something was changed in the routing table, if i recall correctly.
    Open up a command prompt, and type: route print

    It would display your routing table.
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    I think they are also ways to split the load.
    some applications can use one network adapter, and others another one.
    more difficult to setup, but the end result is eventually a PC with twice the bandwidth.
    using max capacity in both connections.

    HOWEVER, you have to remember that most trading software, data software etc use very little bandwidth compared to broadband. so this might be a futile idea.

    and again, it's possible to setup internet browsing on one network card and other activities with the other one. so downloads, browsing don't take anything to trading.

    still, few advantages to all this. use DSL if you can. if you can have a leased line, well, end of discussion. believe it or not, for most traders a 56K modem is enough (to trade).
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  6. Another idea is to have 2 routers (1 for cable, 1 for DSL), connected to 2 computers (1 PC 1 Laptop). Have TWS open on both. If Cable goes down, use the Laptop to close out positions.

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    One problem with dual lines is IP allocation, when connected to servers you open up a connection via a specific IP address, the a/DSL and cable lines will both have different IP address's even if they are going to the same PC, thus when you connect that same line will need to be used for all further communication. For connectionless protocols such as HTTP then the dual lines will indeed help but not in anything that you have too "login" too as the server will expect commands from the originating IP and only send to the originating IP.
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  8. FastTrader,

    Is this an idea or did you actually get this to work? When I tried this, I could only logon to a single TWS account from one connection at a time. I always had to logoff on the first connection before being able to get in via the second one.

    Did I get you right? I would be glad to find out how you got this to work.

    Thank you.
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    you would need a router with load-balancing. try cisco systems (www.cisco.com). you need to know cisco IOS to handle these routers, however, and need properly defined rulesets to function properly.
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  10. Is anyone out their actually running the Nexland 800Pro Turbo router with 2 broadband connections using the one trading account, without having to log back in if one connection goes down?

    Also, has anyone got the router set up to switch connections in seconds, not minutes?

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