Dual internet connections.

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  1. I currently trade on a Comcast high-speed cable connection, but it's not as reliable as I'd like it to be (e.g. it's been down since yesterday). I'd like to get DSL as backup. I remember reading about a router which had two WAN ports, and could combine the cable and DSL connections. Could someone point me to a place I could purchase this router, which I believe was built by Nexland? Is anyone using it? If so, a small review would be great.

    Will TWS have any issues running on this setup? I want to use the bandwidth from both connections, and not have to manually switch connections when one of them goes down?


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    Do a google search for "Nexland Pro800 Turbo review" You'll get lots of hits and they're all very favourable. I looked into this myself but sadly, I can't get DSL in my area only Comcast which is unable to patch it's own servers from the virus du jour. Idiots.

    The best prices can be found on pricegrabber.com but there's nothing listed there now. :( Same for shopping.yahoo.com. It was about $300 when I checked a month ago. There's always ebay but they've got nothing now either. Anyway, make sure you're getting the "Turbo", that's the one with dual WANs.

  3. Hawking has a billybad solution that you may want to check out
    It works great for Cable and a dsl backup
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    I had purchased the nexland router, but have since returned it. The product is fine, but the switch from cable to dsl, when ever cable went down, took to long. I thought it would be instantaneous, it took up to a min or two.
    The product just did not do what I thought it was intended to do.

    good luck.
  5. I use the Nexland Pro800turbo & love it. The only issue is that it over-heats, so must keep a small fan on it. :(

    BTW: Symantec recently bought Nexland.
  6. I got an Hawking FR24. It seems to work fine. I have the DSL as main connection and the Cable as back up. FR24 costs about $80 and it is also a firewall. Since I have installed it, I have no more pop-up windows! However, it is kind of slow to switch from the main connection to the back up. This is why I have the DSL as main connection. It is much more reliable than cable although has a slower download speed.
  7. Thanks for the replies.

    Is there any router that will "combine" the two connections into a single stream within the network? So, it would make use of both connections simultaneously?


  8. the hawking fr24
  9. I thought the Hawking FR24 didn't support this since daydreaming posted saying it was slow to switch connections. I'll do some more digging on this one.


  10. When I unplug one of the two broadband connections from the back of the FR24 router, the other seems to be working right away. However, one day I had some real life trouble with my Cable set up as main connection. I had to log off my broker and chart software. I have since then choose to use the DSL as main and Cable as back and never experienced any trouble. I will let you know what will happen the next time I have real life connection trouble. For sure I can tell that the DSL although slower than Cable is by far much more reliable.
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