Dual Head Video Cards - Help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sanjuro, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. Sanjuro


    I would like some feedback on the best solution for dual or
    quad video cards.

    Some choices:
    1. New Matrox Card - Matrox Parhelia 128MB
    2. Classic - AppianX

    I know some people who just buy two PCI G400 and use
    them as a dual video card for half the price. But it
    takes up an extra slot in the computer.

    Has anyone used the new Matrox card and how do you like it?
    I'm leaning toward the AppianX or multiple G400s.

    Thanks for any feedback!
  2. I have successfully used the Matrox line of cards for some time. They have been solid for me. Today I purchased two Appian Rushmore cards (testing, just like a good computer guy) from CDW today. Just popped them in and so far so good. Too new to critique them as of yet but the view looks great. :)
  3. Do not forget about Nividia or the new Asylum series. There are some sick dual monitor cards available.

    I know that if you customize some of the new Area-51 stuff they all have the ability and choice of these new cards. You might want to check out the Alienware website for more details.
  4. omcate


    I ***THINK*** Matrox Parhelia is designed to support three monitors(a triple head graphics card).
  5. TGregg


    I ***KNOW*** that is correct, the sundog can run three monitors :D. I however, went with the G450s, used to have six slots with nothing in them at all - deliberately choose a mainboard with onboard RAID, NIC and sound. Dual G450s is a cheap way to go, if you think you won't need those slots for a vibrating chair or something :D.
  6. In any event, you might want to look on eBay for some good prices. Example:

    Matrox G450:


    Matrox G400:



    (best $$ deal of this group, IMHO)


    Appian Quad Format:


    (needs cable)

    Hope this might cause you to take a minute and look at some optional purchase points. :)
  7. jay567


    i'm using ATI radeon 7500....works just fine
  8. TGregg


    Be advised that some sellers are not sure if their card is PCI or AGP. And, the one card I bought on eBay did *not* come with a digitial to analog adapter (not that I needed any more of these things).

    But, I got it cheaper than a new one!