Dual Head PCI Video Card

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  1. Do you get a true digital signal with a VGA/DVI adaptor or just a workaround? I imagine that the adaptor simply converts the inferior VGA signal to digital thus negating any DVI benefits. In order to experience DVI benefits, doesn't the signal have to be digital at every location?
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  2. What you are saying sounds logical but why then do they have
    the DVI on the card in the first place? To fool people? Maybe...
    Can you run a flat panel with an inferior VGA signal? Or do they
    have to be digital to run them? I for one don't really know...
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  3. I am only referring to converting a VGA output to DVI through an adaptor. Cards with digital outputs offer a true digital signal... I think.
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  4. complex


    i've found a nice reference concerning the different connectors possible:


    DVI-D can only handle a digital signal, DVI-I has extra pins to allow it to pass both digital and analog signals (with the appropriate converters), and D-SUB can only handle an analog signal.

    http://www.intel.com/update/archive/issue22/stories/top6.htm also contains some interesting information with regards to the A/D and D/A conversion done with different types of hardware.

    note: i've come across a few sources that indicate a digital CRT (i.e. a tube monitor with a DVI connector) is possible, but i have never come across such a monitor in real life.

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