Dual Head PCI Video Card

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  1. You guys know of any good dual head PCI (NOT AGP) video card for cheap?

    Unless you guys know fo a motherboard with 2 AGP ports on it. I doubt it. Basically I want to add 2 more monitors and not upgrade to a new PC. But I'm running out of AGP port(only 1 duh! hehe). So that means I have to get a dual head PCI card.
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    You'll probably want to add a card from the same manufacturer as your AGP card. Driver compatibility issues abound.
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    the popular matrox millennium g450 comes in a pci version.

    you may want to just add a dual head pci card to your current system, leaving the current agp card alone.

    there is no motherboard that i know of that has multiple agp slots. i think because of how the agp slot access memory and cpu bandwidth, there never will be such a board.

  4. OK. Thanks guys!

    I currently have a Matrox dual head AGP card. So, I should get a Matrox dual head PCI card? How much would that run me? I don't wanna spend a lot.
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    Try a Google search for low price, or maybe eBay??
  6. just bought an ati radeon 7500 pci card works great. i am now running three monitors no sweat.

    69.00 on ebay in box
  7. The issue will be compatibility with operating system. If you have win 2000 you might check out the appian cards on ebay. They are cheap and work fine, but the most popular ones like the J2 apparently will not work with xp. These are dualhead cards. You could get a Matrox G200 quad but they are expensive. Or just go to your local computer repair shop and pay $5 for a couple of pci cards they have pulled, withthe understanding that you can swap it if it doesn't work with your o/s. For trading purposes you can get by with a 4meg card.
  8. "just bought an ati radeon 7500 pci card works great. i am now running three monitors no sweat.

    69.00 on ebay in box"

    Don't you need three of these cards to run three monitors? Are you using DVI?
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    If the DVI output is a DVI-I type, I think you can just purchase a DVI to VGA adapter (cheap) and connect another CRT to the card.
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    I'm in the same position. Currently working with a Matrox G550 Millenium dual head. Want to upgrade so I bought a G200 MMS (which supports up to 16 monitors) but couldn't get it to work because it was an OEM compaq version.

    I've heard the G550 isn't compatible with the G450 PCI so now I'm looking for an alternative. Thinking about using only 2 G450 PCI cards. This works fine.

    Hope this helps
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