dual head cards

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by janko, Oct 19, 2001.

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    for all your computer buying needs:


    they allow buyers to post feedback about online computer parts vendors. useful after you find the best price on pricewatch, but don't know anything about the company with the best price.

    it has saved me much aggravation and money.
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    On the RAM issue, make sure that your BIOS has been flashed with the most current update as it appears that you may be using an older computer. Also go to your motherboard site and see what the max RAM each slot will take on your particular motherboard. If it can take 512 then look at your BIOS to see if there is a slection in there for you to change that will recognize the larger RAM. Some BIOS have that some do not. If you are using Win98SE make sure that the MAX RAM setting in Start, Run, Msconfig is set to the Max amout of your RAM.
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    You need to check the spec of the motherboard to see if you bought the right kind of RAM in the right slots. Also the RAM may not put in properly, you need to remove & push into the slot agin.

    I am checking into the dual head probability also since I am going to use real tick. My friend said simply buy another graphic card. It is cheaper & function the same. Just install WIN2000 pro with 1 card & add 1 on later. Any comment?
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    What your friend tells you is true about adding another vid card later, but be aware that not all vid cards work well together. The newer the vid card probably the better. Also vid cards from the same manufacturer may be better.
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    I check the motherboard spec in detail last night. There is only 1 AGP Pro slot. The rest are PCI slots. I think I better get a dual head AGP card. Wonder if I can connect 1 monitor instead of 2.
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    You can use agp or PCI vid cards they will both work and if you use a dualhead, yes you can connect only 1 monitor to it if you want to.
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    Now I have to go find a dual-head card now.
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    check this out, i was searching on pricewatch.com for hours and came across www.accubyte.com they had a ati radeon 32mb agp dualhead for 69 bucks, now that to me was a good deal, i've looked all over the place. check it out. and please let us know if you find a better deal!!! thnx 'n good luck
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    i was searching on pricewatch.com for hours and came across www.accubyte.com they had a ati radeon 32mb agp dualhead for 69 bucks

    Be careful, although it's a good price, it's the OEM version. Meaning no box, no manual, no connectors, no drivers. Now you can do without all that stuff (since you can get the drivers from the ATI website) except the adapter. If you have 2 monitors with standard VGA connectors you will need the adapter since the card comes with one vga port and one DVI (flat-panel) port.

    I've seen some OEM versions come with the necessary adapter, but most don't, so be sure to check first with accubyte.com (or wherever you get it).
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